Monthly Archives: April 2013

April’s Best Releases

New to DVD this week are the massive releases of The Hobbit DVD and Downton Abbey Series 3 DVD. The Hobbit also comes on Utraviolet so if you order The Hobbit on DVD or Blu Ray you’ll also get the bonus Ultraviolet service where you may store or stream the movie from the cloud to any device such as a PC, iPhone or iPad.

Also check out our Glitzy Edition of Kath And Kimderella DVD which is an hilarious Aussie movie. I think if you’re an Australian comedian you’ll get a spot on this movie. Rob Stitch steals the show in his portrayal of a European Dictator King. He’s just hilarious.

Top movies in Aussie cinemas this week is Tom Cruise’s Oblivion followed by The Croods. Couldn’t be two more contrasting movies but both certainly worth the popcorn investment.