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April 2020 New Releases

These new releases from April 2020 are now all in store.

Call The Midwife Season 9

The series opens with the funeral of Winston Churchill in 1965. This era is characterised by massive societal changes, and our favourite people from the Nonnatus House learn to thrive with the times.

The midwives and the folks at Poplar encounter the societal changes which were predominant in the era, such as racial prejudice and unwanted pregnancies. Not only that, the residents at the Nonnatus House worry for their future when they learn that the place they call home will be demolished. But then, even the house is divided when four young male doctors are to stay in the convent for their training.

Endeavour Season 7

Detective Endeavour Morse is back in town for this seventh Season. Endeavour Season 7 is a must-have for mystery and detective story lovers.

This series takes place in the 70s where there are changes in the society, and the people and life are getting more complicated.

A woman is said to be murdered by her boyfriend, but the boyfriend has alibis. Later on, more deaths of unrelated people occur, leading Morse to propose a theory. Endeavour and Inspector Thursday’s professional relationship is tested. And on top of that, what seems like a sweet romantic affair for Endeavour turns out to be a dangerous ordeal.
And don’t miss the new Endeavour season 8 DVD.


Tales of heroism during the World War 1 continue to inspire storywriters and filmmakers to make films about them.

Treachery is a strategy in war. The German army is noticed to be retreating, but it is just a strategy to unexpectedly attack the British army. What comes next is a test of human spirit: two soldiers are tasked to cross the enemy territory to carry out a message to the British soldiers, one of whom is the brother of one of the brave soldiers. The message is vital in preventing the British forces from getting themselves into a fatal attack.


Robert Downey, Jr. takes on the role of Dr. Dolittle. This is one fun adventure movie that the entire family will love to watch on weekends.

After the death of his wife, Dr. Dolittle becomes a recluse, seeking solace only with his work and his animal friends. However, a sickly Queen Victoria calls him in to cure her of her disease. Finding out the reason for the fatal malady, Dolittle sets out with his animal friends to a faraway land to find the cure. But that said, no protagonist ever has an easy way when going on an adventure. Will Dr. Dolittle get the cure and save the queen in time?


Andrew Lloyd Webber’s classic is now on film. This 2019 version is surely a delight for musical fans.