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August 2017 DVD Releases

Here we are in August and we have some awesome new releases to share with you. In store this month includes:

The Blacklist Season 4
The Blacklist is a very intriguing crime thriller TV series indeed! Who would have thought that an elusive high-profile criminal most wanted by the FBI would want to cooperate with the police and would give information regarding worldwide hardcore criminals in exchange for legal immunity? And on top of that, he still calls the shots and chooses only a rookie profiler to work with! Well, he may have more than one motive for his own benefit as we’ve learned in the first 3 seasons.

In the fourth season, Alexander Kirk captures Liz and claims to be her father, even bringing her to her childhood home. But who really is Kirk, and why was he after Liz? Can Reddington find her? Will he be able to rescue her on time? Kirk and Reddington are in for more cat-and-mouse game.

Rizzoli and Isles Season 7

This exciting drama based on the novels by Tess Gerritsen is sure to be a big hit after the 6 earlier seasons. Days are numbered for the criminals with the tandem of police officer Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Dr. Maura Isles.

The Boston Police Department are all out in their search for Alice Sands. And not only that, the police force have their hands busy with cases like a zombie convention murder, the murder of a postal worker, and the fall of a housewife from the stairs. Meanwhile, Dr. Isles is forced to make a decision for a head injury she incurred.

Love Child Season 4

If Aussie period pieces are your thing like A Place To Call Home DVDs, then you will enjoy Love Child. Set in the 1960s, Love Child tackles on the lives and issues of the Kings Cross Hospital and Stanton House staff. The issues affecting young unwed mothers in the 1960s, especially forced adoption, are still hounding the Aussie society to this day.

In the fourth season, Joan Millar goes into labor and has to deal with life as an unwed mother. Women’s rights are brought out into the streets during the International Women’s Day march. Meanwhile, Debbie founds out a shocking truth regarding the matron. What secret is the matron hiding?

Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2

Marvel movies are “MARVEL-ous!” (sorry about that) Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 is one of the hottest superhero movies in 2017!

Peter Quill meets Ego, the man who claims as his father. Family reunions happen, and unlikely alliances are formed. However, Ego hides behind a real agenda. With Ego’s sinister plan in place, how can the Guardians save the galaxy? And who is Quill’s real father?

John Wick: Chapter 2

Keanu Reeves is back on screen in John Wick: Chapter 2. Will this guy ever get old? This former assassin finds his life on the line after crossing paths with an Italian crime boss. With the Marker forcing him out of retirement, John is tasked to do the crime boss’ bidding, only to find a bounty to his head after the mission.

No killing on Continental premises, and one must honor Markers: two rules which should be honored in the underground. However, how can John Wick get out of this mess? Can he ever find redemption?

King Arthur: Legend of The Sword

King Arthur Legend of The Sword is one amazing epic fantasy movie this year every saw. Man must embrace the destiny assigned to him. That is what Arthur finds out the moment he pulls Excalibur from the stone.

A young Arthur grows up to be a man of the masses, a man of the streets. But by pulling Excalibur, Arthur learns of his true heritage and the future that he has to face. How will Arthur deal with the uncle who took his right to the throne away from him?