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June 2020 DVD New Releases

The June 2020 DVD New Releases are now in store.

Beecham House

Historical shows will never go out of style. There will always be many things to talk about, many stories to tell, as there were many different facets of lives lived. “Beecham House” is a fascinating look at the lives of those in India in 1795 before the British rule. You will love this TV series.

John Beecham wants to start a new life as a trader in Delhi. As he resides in his new place, he wants the Beecham House to be a safe haven for his family. Two women are also vying for his attention. But because of the recent changes in the country, as well as the presence of political strife, John must tread with caution if he wants to have a safe and secure future with his family.


Jane Austen’s 1815 novel comes alive in the big screen. “Emma” stars Anya Taylor-Joy, Johnny Flynn, Josh O’Connor, Bill Nighy, Mia Goth, Callum Turner, and Miranda Hart.

There is so much juicy going on, especially among the social circles of the elite. Emma Woodhouse lives in a quiet town, but this town is a canvass to her cleverness and restlessness. Many romantic mismatch and heartaches occur because of Emma’s interference, but a lot of the people around her have their happy endings. Will Emma have hers too?

Schitts Creek Season 6

When you ultimately get the success you have aspired for, you’ll be thinking of taking the next step to more successes. The Roses are going to achieve just that in the sixth season of the comical TV series.

The Roses have finally achieve success in their personal and professional lives. However, their hearts are planted in this place, and they have forged connections with the other folks in Schitts Creek. With their much-awaited step to freedom beckoning at them, will they move out of this property, or will they stay?

Invisible Man

“What you can’t see can hurt you.” Such is the premise of this heart-stopping and spine-chilling science fiction horror flick “Invisible Man” starring Elisabeth Moss. This is a modern take of the 1897 book by H.G. Wells.

The story is about Cecilia Kass who leaves her controlling and abusive rich boyfriend, who is a genius optics engineer and entrepreneur. But then, he commits suicide and leaves her some of his wealth. Strange events occur around her, leading other people near her to question her sanity. On top of that, things go lethal as the unseen wreaks  havoc on everyone she loves.

How will Cecilia prove her innocence? Will she be able to defeat the Invisible Man?

Call Of The Wild

Harrison Ford stars in this heartwarming adventure film “Call Of The Wild.”

This story is set in the 1890s during the Klondike Gold Rush. A dog named Buck is taken away from his comfortable life in California, and into the harsh living in Yukon. There, he is placed as a newest member of a mail delivery dog sled team. After a series of adventures and misadventures, as well as experiencing once more the cozy and loving life with an old frontiersman (Ford), Buck eventually finds his own place in this world.


Onward is the latest Disney DVD is the coolest urban fantasy animated film to hit the cinemas this year. Let’s go on a wild ride and lots of adventure in a purple van!