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Top 10 Christmas Gifts for 2014

Christmas is only a few weeks away. Can you believe that? So we’ve compiled the best Christmas gift ideas you’ll find at DVDLand. Skip those hordes of people at the shopping centres this Christmas and forget trying to find that elusive car park and shop from home and enjoy fast delivery from your fully Australian DVD store – DVDLand. Hope you enjoy. Join the conversation on our Facebook page.

  1. Game Of Thrones box set. This is the most popular show of all time, captivating us all with a huge cast. The storylines are so complicated and characters so vast, you need to own it on DVD or Blu Ray so you can watch it over and over again.
  2. State Of Origin box set. This is one of the best looking box sets of all times and one of the largest ever with a whopping 66 discs plus a book and more. If you know a Rugby League fan, then this box set will amaze and delight them on Christmas morning.
  3. Offspring DVD box set is a great gift for those that love Aussie TV drama. Asher Keddie is brilliant in this show.
  4. Deadliest Catch season 10 DVD was released this week and is fast becoming this Christmas’s most popular doco series.
  5. Ancient Aliens series 6 is close behind Deadliest Catch as this year’s most popular doco TV series.
  6. Heartbeat DVD box set is a limited edition box set that includes all 18 seasons of this great British show. This is only available while stocks last so if Mum or Dad like this show, grab this one while you can.
  7. Foyles War box set is walking out the door this Christmas, which poses the question of who decided to give a DVD box set legs anyway? This is a great drama show from the UK set in WW2 as civilian crimes are solved in the English countryside.
  8. David Attenborough is always popular at Christmas and his brand new box set released this week is no exception.
  9. Expendables 3 is a great action movie, a little tongue in cheek and chocked full of 1980s and 90s action stars makes it a perfect Dad gift for Christmas. What’s even better is the 3 movie box set available for a limited time only.
  10. Star Wars DVDs. Everyone loves a Star Wars DVD and as we’re ramping up to the Christmas 2015 release of the new Star Wars movie the interest in the original 6 movies are stronger than ever. It’s a never-grows-old story of good vs evil, in space with dysfunctional family issues. ‘Luke, I am your Father’ – still sends chills.

We didn’t get room for our classic DVD box sets like the Sopranos, Friends, West Wing, Fawlty Towers or Seinfeld. Oh well, this may have made your Christmas shopping even harder but at least your spoiled for choice. Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Is daylight savings killing commercial TV and fading our curtains?

Remember the days when several Aussie shows a week used to rate over a million viewers? Well something is happening to Australian commercial TV at the moment where hardly any shows are reaching that mark. Foxtel shows are going from strength to strength but channels seven, nine and ten are struggling. Is it because their execs are missing opportunities that pay TV is picking up? Yes I mean you Newsroom, Orange Is The New Black and Game Of Thrones season 4 DVD. Is it changing viewing habits? Or is it a more simple explanation of daylight savings?

Industry experts are blaming daylight savings. Perhaps their office curtains are also fading due to daylight savings too so perhaps they should move to Queensland where there is no daylight savings. But seriously, evidence appears to support their hypothesis. It appears people are abandoning traditional commercial TV for outside activities and spreading their viewing over free to air digital channels and pay TV. This could actually stop a few impending productions. Recently channel seven canned A Place To Call Home despite good ratings and loyal viewers. There was quite an uproar over this decision on social media including DVDLand’s own Facebook page and Google+ page. So much so that Foxtel came to a groundbreaking arrangement to buy the show and commit to making a third season for airing in 2015. But with the ratings of shows like Asher Keddie’s brilliant Party Tricks not living up the past levels of Offspring and Packed To The Rafters is a concerning sign.

In the short term it may just mean that late Spring and early Summer commercial TV loses a lot of Australian content but if ratings don’t bounce back after summer, there may be some very unpopular decisions coming our way from the TV station execs. At least we all still have our favourite shows to watch on DVD.