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July 2017 DVD Releases

We have so many great new July 2017 DVD releases. Take a look at these highlights

Murdoch Mysteries Season 10
More mysteries are unfolding in the 10th season, and Detective William Murdoch continues solving these cases.

The series starts with the murders of debutantes who have their eyes on a certain affluent gentleman. A private investigator who is an acquaintance of Murdoch in his youth turns out she’s more involved in a case than she lets on. In a decade-old case, Murdoch believes the man he had sent in prison is still guilty despite new pieces of evidence, so he was left out of the case. And his wife Dr. Julia Odgen continues harbouring skeletons in her closet after the death of Eva Pearce.

Everyday is a busy day for William Murdoch who has to make use of forensic techniques which were considered modern in their day.

Poldark Season 3
Aidan Turner returns as Captain Ross Poldark in this amazing Poldark season 3 DVD.

Ross’ marriage with Demelza are threatened anew with the arrival of personalities. Ross refuses the role of magistrate despite being supported by Reverend Halse, and thus Warleggan gained authority.

Life in Cornwall is going to be disrupted anew with the coming of the French Revolution.


Big Little Lies Season 1
Big Little Lies is the newest dark comedy TV series, made dazzling with stellar casts Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Shailene Woodley. This is based on the novel by Liane Moriarty.

Madeline Martha Mckenzie and Celeste Wright befriend single mother Jane Chapman. Martha is your typical alpha woman, but she is coping with an ex-husband and having to deal with it. Celeste’s marriage might seem happy, but nothing is ever blissful with a violent husband. And why is Jane in town?

With the accusation that Jane’s son tried to strangle Renata’s daughter, Otter Bay Elementary School will have to see the ruckus between Team Madeline and Team Renata.

Grimm Season 5

Police procedural dramas are usually realistic. Grimm TV Series takes on the genre with a mythological twist.

Juliette is dead, and intruders kidnap Trubel. After a confrontation with the Wesen, Chavez gets killed. Meanwhile, Adalind goes into labor, and Nick later visits her in the hospital. A new case involving a Wesen killer results in a chase by Hank and his partner. Is it somehow related to some occult society? Nick and Hank also find themselves witnessing the tradition of Maagd Zoektocht.

What other odd incidents disguised as criminal cases will Nick encounter and solve?

Homeland Season 6

This show still remains one of the best shows on TV. A new President has been elected by the American people. Carrie Mathison is back in Brooklyn and is now associated with a foundation helping Muslims who are treated unjustly by domestic law enforcement in the United States. Saul Berenson and Dar Adal still work for the CIA, while somewhere, Quinn is recuperating from a major stroke.

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action also gets weaved into the story line in this season.


Air Crash Investigation Season 15

This iconic documentary series takes on word from pilots, aviation experts, and crash investigators who let us into the dark side of the airline industry. What makes an airplane crash? What went wrong? What could have been done to avoid these emergencies?

Using voice recordings, witness accounts, and CGI reenactments, the investigative reports will provide us with the idea of how the accident came about.

Kong Skull Island

This is a modern take of the King Kong franchise, and follows a group of scientists and soldiers who explore a Pacific island and must get out of it alive after the encounter with the formidable Kong.

During the Second World War, an American soldier, Hank Marlow, and a Japanese soldier engage in a dogfight, only to be interrupted by Kong. Almost three decades later, the US government hires specialists to scout Skull Island to map the island out. While in the expedition, Kong attacks the crew. The survivors try to regroup to live on and meets the old Marlow, who welcomes them and tells them that Kong is worshiped by the natives as a deity.

How do the survivors get out alive?

State Of Origin 2017
The pinnacle of Rugby League and the NRL each year is the State Of Origin. State against state and mate and against mate. The NSW Blues won game one in Brisbane. The Queensland Moroons tracked to Sydney Olympic Park and scraped home to now take the series back to Brisbane for the series decider. This DVD pack includes all 3 games in it’s entirety. Every hit, every tackle, every try. Father’s Day gift anyone?