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June 2017 DVD Releases

June 2017 DVD Releases
Check out these new June releases in store now. There are heaps of great stuff New To DVD here.

Beauty & The Beast

Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme. Be ready to be enchanted and fall in love as the classic animated film comes to life in the big screen! Emma Watson stars as the bibliophile village girl Belle, and Dan Stevens stars as the Beast, an indifferent prince turned into a monster, who must earn back his humanity by learning the meaning of true love.

Like its animated version, “Beauty and The Beast” is filled with heartwarming music. We can’t help but sing and feel the goosebumps on our arms. Ah, nostalgia! And who wouldn’t feel the sweet poignant pull in the heartstrings as Belle and the Beast shared a romantic dance?

Relive the tale with the familiar characters we grew up with. “Beauty and the Beast” is a must-see movie for the Disney fans who also are romantics at heart.


Bones Season 12

It’s been an exciting show, but it has to end. Nevertheless, the last season of Bones still brings out thrilling edge-of-your-seat episodes. Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan and Seeley Booth continue to take on the challenges of investigating murder cases using their expertise. We are sure that everyone will miss their tandem. And what other show but Bones is based on forensic archaeology and forensic anthropology? An in-depth handling of scientific knowledge weaved into good storytelling is a recipe for creating a good story with a solid plot.

What happens when Booth’s history haunts him? What will happen with Zack Addy’s sentence? And will Brennan continue to be the detached and evidence-based forensic expert that she was since the start of the series?

Vampire Diaries Season 8

Excited for the eighth season? You better not miss this last season of Vampire Diaries. Sink your teeth in this TV series as each episode will unfold the romance and drama of each character.

Who is after Damon and Enzo, and why? Will they be saved? How can Stefan stop Sybil?

Love will both blossom and be tested as danger lurks around. Vendetta will be planned against family members, and who is to say that loyalty stands firm just because blood is thicker than water? Alliances will be formed, but hidden agenda will be the driving force of each character’s action.

How will conflicts turn out in Mystic Falls? Who will be saved, who will stay, and who will say goodbye before the series ends?


Orange Is The New Black Season 4

Let the comedy and drama continue inside the federal prison in Orange Is The New Black Season 4. Prison is hell, and survival of the fittest is still the name of the game. With overcrowding being a problem, the management of the prison has to find ways without additional structure changes. Not only that, personal supplies for the prisoners had dwindled, and the ethnic minorities had been targeted by the guards.

The prison is a place where inmates could reform. But this is the same place where inmates form a society of their own and will probably continue to do what they did outside. You should not miss out on Orange Is The New Black Season 4.



When reading history books, sometimes, one can’t help but wonder what could have happen if the history turned out different from what actually happened. SS-GB, the 1978 alternate history novel by Len Deighton, is vividly re-imagined on screen. This gripping TV series  lets you inside an alternative history were the Nazis won the Second World War, and Britain had fallen on its knees. What if the Buckingham Palace is occupied by the Nazis and is not the grand palace we know it to be?

Scotland Yard detective Douglas Archer, who works under the SS, is tasked to investigate the murder of a man who had data regarding the production of an atomic bomb. What happens when he discover that this murder case is not an ordinary one? What happens when he discovers that the crime is political in nature?

You can’t help but get back to your history books to get a better grip and compare the reality and the alternate reality.

Grantchester Season 3

This is not your ordinary detective series. Who would have thought that a vicar moonlights as a sleuth? Follow Vicar Sidney Chambers and Geordie Keating as they form an unlikely alliance as they solve crimes in Grantchester.

And while these two fine fellows work day and night to solve the mystery cases, each have to deal with their own personal issues, mostly related to the matters of the heart. Will Sidney choose heart over duty? And will Geordie choose between his wife or his connection with his secretary?


Wolverine / Logan is synonymous to Hugh Jackman. For 17 years, he had filled the shoes of one of the most iconic X-Men heroes. However, Jackman took a bow and left the character behind.

It’s been decades, and the X-men is just a thing of the past. Logan, who himself had aged and poisoned with the adamantium in his body, cared for Professor X, who himself could no longer control his telepathic powers secondary to Alzheimer’s disease, and hid with him from the world. However, a stranger enlisted the help of Logan to smuggle a girl who has Logan’s DNA across the Mexican border. With sinister characters going after her, how will Logan fight them with the last of his abilities?

Also starring in this film is Patrick Stewart as Professor X.


Red Dog True Blue

This sequel to the Aussie family classic will sure melt your hearts. Who knows? You may want to go to an animal shelter to get a dog after seeing this film. After all, a dog is man’s best friend.

Eleven-year-old Mick thought his life in his grandfather’s cattle station in a remote area in Western Australia would be dull until he meets a one-of-a-kind dog that has become his companion in his adventures.

This movie features the new canine star, Phoenix, after the passing of the original star Koko back in 2012.




Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece follows the story of two Portuguese Jesuit priests who travelled to Japan to spread the Catholic faith and to locate their mentor. It is in the same country where they faced persecution and were forced to examine their faith: to commit apostasy, or to hold on to their belief. This movie is set during the Edo period, during the Tokugawa shogunate when there proliferated a number of Hidden Christians (Kakure Kirishitan).

This movie stars Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver, and Liam Neeson.

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