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10 Gift Ideas for Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is only a few weeks away so we’ve compiled our top 10 DVD gift ideas for Mum.

1. Downton Abbey series 4. Almost all Mums love the upstairs downstairs story of Downton Abbey and after the tragic ending of series 3 your Mum will love you for giving her series 4 on DVD or the complete DVD Box Set.

2. Doc Martin series 6. This brand new release is the best season yet of Doc Martin starring Martin Clunes. Trust me, your Mum loves Doc Martin.

3. A Country Practice series 10. If your Mum was around in the 1980s she would have fond memories of A Country Practice. Set in the fictitious town of Wanden Valley, this show was the most popular Australian TV drama of the 1980s and for the first time series 10 is now available. Oh hang it, get Mum all 10 seasons, you know she deserves it.

4. Disney’s Frozen. Your Mum may have told you that she only watched Disney DVDs because she was watching them with you as a kid. Reality check, your Mum was lying. She loves Disney DVDs, she loves the apparent random breaking-into-song and the adorable characters such as Olaf in the new Frozen DVD.

5. Inspector George Gently series 6. Martin Shaw, who you may remember as Judge John Deed is the lead as Inspector George Gently. Very 1960s, very British and this new DVD makes a very good gift.

6. Puberty Blues series 2. Set is Aussie suburbia in the 1970s this new release is set to be one of the most popular gifts for Mum this year. This really is one of the best Australian dramas of this decade.

7. Railway Man. Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth is simply outstanding in this movie. A victim of the WW2 Death Railway sets out to find those responsible for his torture.

8. Philomena. A 2014 Best Picture Oscar nominee starring Judy Dench. What Mum doesn’t love Judy Dench.

9. Murdoch Mysteries series 7. Set in the 1890s William Murdoch is ahead of his time using forensic techniques and fingerprints. This is a really great show and something you’ll find near the top of Mum’s wish list.

10. Call The Midwife series 3. This is set in the poor East London in the 1950s and is really popular with Mums, similar to the new Australian DVD Love Child which would be a number 11 if we had room.

That’s just our top 10 we’ve come up with and we didn’t have room to tell you about the new Midsomer Murders release, The Book Thief, the new Veronica Mars movie, Heartbeat or House Of Cards but I guess this wasn’t a top 15 was it 😉 To all the Mums out there have a very Happy Mother’s Day.




Mickey Rooney passes away aged 93

Sad news this week that Mickey Rooney has passed away at the age of 93.  Mickey Rooney was truly a Hollywood great.  His career on film began long before there were DVDs in 1926 when he was just 6 years old, however even before that he was already performing on the Vaudeville stage.  He proved that during his long career he was one of Hollywood’s most enduring actors.  To have a career that spanned Vaudeville, silent movies, entertaining the troops in World War II, TV shows, theatre and over 100 movies is remarkable and something that we will never see again.

Mickey had seen the Golden age of Hollywood and was friends with all the greats of the time.  He was especially close with Judy Garland, the two were close friends after appearing in the musical ‘Thoroughbreds Don’t Cry’ in 1937.  They went on to do a string of musicals and starred in nine movies together.  He also starred with Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet, the film that launched her rise to stardom.

These days actors try not to get typecast in certain roles.  For Mickey Rooney his career really took off when he was typecast into the role of Andy Hardy.  It began with a film called ‘A Family Affair’ in 1937 where he played Andy Hardy, an all-American teenager.  Rooney went on to play the character of Andy Hardy in almost 20 films.  However in doing so, made his career and made Mickey Rooney the top box office star in 1939, 1940 and 1941.  Mickey went on to play a variety of different roles throughout his career earning him Academy Awards nominations, and Tony nominations for his theatre work in Sugar Babies.

Mickey Rooney continued to work in entertainment his whole life, including recently in The Muppets in 2011, and the role of Mr Louis in the 2014 adaptation of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and reprising his role as Gus for Night At The Museum 3 which began filming earlier this year.

Mickey Rooney was a rarity in this era of being famous for the sake of being famous.  He dedicated his life to entertaining others and created a body of work that spanned nine decades.  He was the last remaining star of the silent movie era and embodied a version of Hollywood that we won’t see again.

Logie Nominees

The Logie Award nominees were announced yesterday by Dr Chris Brown and Julia Morris with a few surprises. Nominated for the Gold Logie this year is Asher Keddie, Andy Lee, Carrie Bickmore, Essie Davis, Scott Cam and Steve Peacocke. Voting has just started and it’s a little hard to pick a winner at this stage but Asher Keddie would probably be favourite at this early stage. It feels like she’s in every TV show and DVD in recent years and is really one of the finest actors on Australian TV.

Kylie Minogue has been booked to perform at the Logies this year. This is the first time she’s been back since her hay days when she won the Gold Logie. Some of us was hoping for a duet with Jason Donovan after seeing the pair reunite in a UK charity gig number last month but this now doesn’t appear likely. So we have Kylie by herself, we should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky.
Most Popular Actress nominees are Asher Keddie (again), Essie Davis from Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries, the hilarious Julia Morris, Marta Dusseldorp (why wasn’t she nomed for Gold?) and the evergreen Rebecca Gibney.

Chris Lilley is nominated for Most Popular Actor for Ja’Mie Private School Girl. Lilley is not just a comedic genius but a talented actor in his own right and surely deserves this award. Also nominated for this award is Dan Ewing and Steve Peacocke from Home And Away, Hugh Sheridan from Packed To The Rafters and Matthew Le Nevez from Offspring.

The quintessential Aussie Adam Hills was overlooked for a Gold Logie nom this year (boo hiss) but is again nominated in the Most Popular Presenter category (yay) along with Andy Lee, Hamish Blake, Carrie Bickmore and Scott Cam.

The awards are in Melbourne on 27 April and voting has now started.