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Biggest releases of 2020

What will be the biggest releases of 2020?
Here are the things you need to watch out for this new year

Mulan (2020)
Disney fans will be thrilled to watch the live action adaptation of the 1998 animated classic. Both are based on the beloved Chinese folklore “The Ballad of Mulan.”
In the days of old, the battlefield was solely a man’s world. However, a young maiden disguises herself and takes up her aging father’s place in the army. Not only does her heroic feat brings honour to the entire country, it also brings honour to her family. It’s such a valiant way to show filial piety.

Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures bring you the most hilarious 3D fantasy comedy animated movie of the year. “Onward” will bring you on one heck of a ride in a purple van.
When the modern world depends mostly on logic, Science, and anything that makes use of the brain, is there still some room for belief in intangible stuff like magic? Our two brother heroes embark on a journey to bring back magic and their father, even for just a day.

Black Widow
Before “Avengers: Endgame,” Marvel fans had been voicing out that the installment will be reaching its end, and yet there is no standalone film for Natasha Romanoff. This is a dream come true for every Marvel fan, as “Black Widow” is set to take the screen in 2020. Scarlett Johansson returns as the eponymous character. The movie occurs between “Civil War” and “Infinity War.”
Natasha Romanoff is the epitome of a strong, independent woman. But for all those strengths, she will find herself coming face to face with people and events from her past without any assurance that help will come for her. This will be one of the best Marvel DVDs.

Outlander Season 5
The love story between Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser continues in this fifth season.
The last season saw Jamie and Claire live life together and owned a piece of land which they call Fraser’s Ridge. Brianna goes back in time for her parents, with Roger following her. What surprises will fill us on this current season? Will Brianna and Roger ultimately live happily, or will they get into another argument? Will Jamie and Claire continue living their lives peacefully in their property? There’s so much to catch up especially if you haven’t seen this current season on TV

Heartland Season 13
This is a Canadian show that Aussies love with all their hearts. And who would not love this show? The storyline and the ratings prove just how much this show is highly regarded. And now, it’s on its thirteenth season.
Amy and Ty have a problem in their business because of a discontented horse owner. Amy’s skills with horses is put to the test when she is made to tame wild horses. The family is not sure how to help Jack who is disturbed with memories of the past. And with problems faced by each character, each person makes it through because of the family. It’ll be one of the most popular of the year Heartland season 13 DVD.

The Outsider
Stephen King’s masterpiece comes alive in “The Outsider” TV series. When it’s Stephen King, expect the mystery and the chills.

Will one of these DVDs be the most popular or is there something else coming no one knows about. Stay tuned, we’ll let you know.