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65th Emmy Awards

The 65th Emmys is now over but check out the blog below we updated every few minutes during today’s Emmy Awards.

In a little over an hour the 65th Emmy Awards get under way hosted by Neil Patrick Harris from How I Met Your Mother. He did an absolutely awesome job hosting the last Tony Awards so I can’t wait to see how he goes hosting the Emmys. I’ll be updating this blog throughout the Emmys so this is the place to hear all about the Emmys.

For those that were expecting a musical number to begin the Emmys, were, like me, were wrong. It was however a fun beginning with bit by host Neil Patrick Harris and past hosts including Conan OBrien and a hilarious bit by House Of Cards star Kevin Spacey.

Merrit Wever wins for best supporting actress in a comedy in Nurse Jackie
Tina Fey wins for comedy series writing for 30 Rock
Tony Hale wins best supporting actor in a comedy for his work on Veep

Robin Williams in currently on stage. Is it just me or he is looking really old?

How hilarious is it right now with Julia Louis-Dreyfus accepting her award for lead actress in a comedy with her on-screen assistant Tony Hale helping her with her speech

Melissa Leo, Bob Newhart wins for guest stars appearances.
Gale Mancuso wins for comedy directing for Modern Family
Jim Parsons wins lead actor in a comedy for the Big Bang Theory DVD.

Elton John is currently on stage playing his tribute to Liberace who dies 25 years ago.

Laura Linney wins for her work on The Big C
Writing for drama series goes to Henry Bromwell the writer of Homeland who died earlier this year
Supporting actress in a drama goes to Anna Gunn for Breaking Bad.

And here we go, finally with a Neil Patrick Harris sing and dance number…

The Voice wins best reality program. Really? I guess the US version is better than the Aussie version?
Bobby Cannavale wins Best Support Actor for a drama series for his work on Boardwalk Empire.
Lead actor in a drama goes to Jeff Daniels for The Newsroom. He was a stand out this year.

Carrie Underwood is currently on stage singing about the events of 50 years ago starting with the Beatles ‘Yesterday’.

We’re up to the big awards now for the final hour of the Emmys.
Lead Actress in a Drama series goes to Claire Danes for Homeland which you’ve got to watch on DVD.
Directing for a drama series has just been won by David Fincher for House Of Cards.
Outstanding writing for Variety series has just been awarded to the team from Colbert Report.
Directing in a Variety series goes to Don Roy King for Saturday Night Live for the 4th time in a row.
The choreography award has just been given to Dancing With The Stars
Outstanding variety series Emmy goes to Colbert Report – that’s award number 2 for this year.
Writing for mini series or movie goes to Abi Morgan for The Hour.
James Cromwell wins Emmy for Supporting Actor in a mini series for American Horror Story.

We’re in the final stretch after watching the In Memoriam segment.

Emmy for the outstanding Director in mini series has just been awarded to Steven Soderbergh for Behind The Candelabra.
Supporting Actress for a Mini Series goes to Ellen Burstyn for Political Animals
Michael Douglas wins for Actor in mini series for Behind The Candelabra.
Best mini series or movie has just been awarded to Behind The Candelabra. That’s their 3rd today from 15 nominations.

We’re a couple of minutes away now from the announcing of the big 2: Best Drama and Best Comedy.
Modern Family has just taken out the Best Comedy Emmy… and now the final award goes to
No surprise with the big one just announced. Breaking Bad wins best Drama series award for their final season.

That’s it for this years Emmys. Probably not the best Emmys that has ever been. We didn’t see enough of the host and it felt a little rushed at times to keep it on time (which is actually succeeded in doing) but it was pretty good. Catch the replay tonight if you get a chance.

The Smurfs 2

The Smurfs are back!  For those of us that remember collecting the figurines as kids in the 80s, will appreciate that everything old is new again. After the success with the 2010 Smurfs movie the Smurfs are now back in Smurfs 2. The Smurfs however have been around longer than that. They first appeared in a Belgium comics magazine in 1958 and haven’t looked back since.  With simple characters and a simple good vs evil message delivered with smurfy humour, what’s not to like.

The Smurfs, who are only three apples high are lead by Papa Smurf (not to be confused with a blue Santa Claus in that outfit) and have a quirky language style. Smurfs substitute words in normal sentences with the word ‘smurf’, leaving the viewer’s imagination to create their own interpretation, like ‘what a smurfy day this is’. And who hasn’t used the classic ‘what the smurf’?

For those wanting to reminisce about the original 2D animated Smurfs cartoons can always pick up one of the many Smurf DVDs online. The original DVDs hold up over time for those who haven’t seen them since the 80s, and the kids will enjoy them for the first time.

Smurfs 2, like the first Smurfs movie, is an animation/reality production which will look great on 3D Blu Ray. Neil Patrick Harris, Hank Azaria, Jayma Mays and Katy Perry are back for Smurfs 2 along with a host of other great actors to bring the Smurfs to our screens again. This time the Smurfs adventure will see them in Paris, with the help of their human friends, in order to stop Gargamel the wizard his cat Azrael in one more of their evil Smurf catching schemes.

The release of The Smurfs 2 DVD, along with the enduring popularity of the Smurfs cartoons, will ensure that we will continue to see plenty of the Smurfs around, including the little plastic figurines we all loved as kids.  So don’t smurf around, catch the Smurfs 2 movie and enjoy your smurf with some smurfy fun! Have a smurfy day…

Wizard Of Oz 75th Anniversary

It’s a tale that never seems to get old, but despite that the iconic Wizard Of Oz is celebrating its 75th anniversary.  So long after the Wizard Of Oz premiered on the silver screen in 1939, its back on the big screen again for a limited time in selected cinemas, in amazing 3D.  But never fear, if you cannot make it to one of the limited screenings then you can buy the 3D Blu Ray online and own it for yourself.

The Wizard Of Oz DVD has entertained millions of people worldwide and holds an enduring place in the hearts of many as their favourite film. The simple story written in 1900 by L. Frank Baum was adapted into film by MGM and at the time it was their biggest budget film.  Whilst colour movies actually began in 1922, many films were still made in black and white.  The Wizard Of Oz was made in glorious technicolour, and used elaborate make up and special effects in order to tell Dorothy’s story when she finds herself in the magical land of Oz.  The simple innocence portrayed by Judy Garland as Dorothy, and the easily identifiable themes in the movie ensure that it has had a wide ranging appeal over many generations and remains a family favourite.

Now that the Wizard Of Oz is available on DVD, Blu Ray and now 3D Blu Ray, there is no one that cannot enjoy this wonderful movie over and over.  It has been remastered and made into 3D so you too can actually feel like you are a part of Dorothy’s adventure in Oz. To be able to watch this classic movie in 3D, a movie that was made in a time when the idea of a 3D TV would have not even been dreamt of is pretty mind blowing.

So grab yourself a 75th anniversary DVD online or the stunning 3D Blu Ray and sit back and enjoy the magic all over again.

School holidays soon

School holidays are almost here again!  While we all wish that every day of school holidays is sunny and warm, the kids will play outside all day, tire themselves out and never complain about what’s for dinner; we know that reality is a little bit different.  It will rain, the kids will want you to entertain them (and then be horrified by your suggestion that a museum is a fun thing to do when it’s raining) and roll their eyes when you say ‘in my day a little bit of rain never hurt anybody’.  Answer?  Have a selection of DVDs or Blu Rays on hand that you can produce, like the proverbial rabbit from a hat, to keep them entertained for a few hours.  This magical trick will also put off the otherwise inevitable demand to drive them to the movies, which will also involve the outlay of cash, by you, to provide for popcorn, drinks, movie ticket and general hanging out at the mall costs.

So a small investment of your time stock up now and grab some DVDs online in preparation for school holidays could literally save you hours, not to mention your sanity.  By having a couple of Star Wars Clone Wars DVDs or the Twilight Movie Collection on hand or the latest Iron Man movie will allow you to have some much needed peace and quiet.  It’s never a bad idea to also have some family friendly Disney DVDs on hand as well for those times when your kids’ friends are over and you want to make sure that you don’t get in trouble from other parents by showing their kid the movie that they are not allowed to watch at home.

So get ready, stock up on DVDs, grab some popcorn and prepare yourself for two weeks of school holiday fun!!