March 2020 New DVD Releases

All of our March 2020 DVD releases are now in store.

Finke – There And Back

The Finke Desert Race, which spans from Alice Springs to Apatula, is more than just a race. It is a venue where riders bond together and risk their lives in uneven terrains that test their limits. Riders have their own stories to tell: a paraplegic who attempts to finish the race, a bike owner who wants to complete a bucket list, and race teams who vie for the number one spot. This is more than just a good Sports DVD.

Doc Martin Season 9

Martin Clunes returns as the eponymous character in this ninth season.

There are still some people who can only roll their eyeballs at Doc Martin’s bedside manners, and Dr. Rebecca Hedden enters to assess if our protagonist is still fit to practice. Louisa notices that their son James seems to have a hard time coping up at nursery school, so plans of an additional baby comes up. However, with Doc Martin trying to save his career, and Louisa still new on her work, it seems like that plan is going to take a back seat. And will there be a wedding in Portwenn after an accidental proposal?

Rise of Skywalker

The Skywalker saga comes to an end. This is the latest movie from the Star Wars franchise.

Emperor Palpatine suddenly returns, making the First Order cement and augment their power across the galaxy. Rey heads the frontline after ending her training as a Jedi. She goes head-to-head against Ken Kylo, who is holding a deep personal secret of his own. Rey discovers a secret from her past. In the end, the remaining members of the Resistance go up against Palpatine and the First Order.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 5

Morgan Jones and Alicia Clark set out to search for survivors in an unknown territory, but there are still uncertainties—and walkers—lurking. One of their own goes missing, and their mission is tested. A misunderstanding with a frantic survivor causes trouble, but the group is set to fulfill the mission to get everyone, including a recluse survivor, to safety. With the clock ticking and supplies running out, there are only two options for survival: each person against another, or cooperation.

Bluey: Camping And Other Stories

The adventures of our lovable Blue Heeler puppy Bluey continues in this fifth volume. Bluey: Camping and Other Stories should be added to your collection. Your kids will enjoy all nine episodes everyday.