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Hugh Jackman In Chappie

It’s A Different Hugh Jackman in “Chappie”. He takes a 180-degree turn and shows off even more entertainment skills.

So, who hasn’t heard of Hugh Jackman yet? This awesome and talented Australian star continues to shine in different movies, television series, and musical theatre performances. So brilliant is he that he can play different characters and claim them as his own. So memorable are these characters that when you name one, you think of Hugh Jackman first. Get starry-eyed and fall in love with his character Leopold as he fall head over heels with Meg Ryan’s Kate in the 2001 movie “Kate & Leopold.” Feel the adrenaline rush as Jackman’s Wolverine and the rest of X-men save the day from nefarious mutants who destroy the coexistence between humans and mutants in the X-men movie installments. Be mesmerized with Jackman’s Jean Valjean and his alluring voice in the 2012 movie adaptation of Victor Hugo’s “Les Misérables.”

Jackman’s accomplishments include titles of different genres, ranging from romance, comedy, drama, musical, and historical, to action thrillers, horror, superhero, and sci-fi. His versatility and his stellar performances earn him raves from his fans, as well as nominations and accolades from different award-giving bodies (Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy for “Les Misérables” and Tony Award for Best Leading Actor in a Musical for “The Boy from Oz”).

Speaking of sci-fi, Jackman stars in another sci-fi movie after “Real Steel.” This time, brace yourselves and prepare to see a different Hugh Jackman as he plays the bad guy in this 2015 movie “Chappie.” Jackman stars as Vincent Moore, an engineer who makes the eponymous Chappie’s robotic life hell. Spoiler alert is not allowed, and we at DVDLand are sure that every Hugh Jackman fan is anticipating for the Chappie DVD.

Check out this new and thrilling sci-fi movie from Neill Blomkamp, director of “District 9.” Chappie DVD is a 5-star movie highly recommended by DVDLand. Enjoy your weeknights or weekends by watching this immensely anticipated DVD movie starring Australia’s pride and an A-list of stellar cast. Whether you hate Vincent Moore or are captivated by Jackman’s interpretation of the character, it just goes to show how amazing the Hugh Jackman is.

What are you waiting for? Add another Hugh Jackman movie into your movie library by grabbing a copy of Chappie DVD or Blu Ray now!

Disney’s New Cinderella Movie

A picture is worth a thousand words! It leaves a viewer speechless, and creates a long lasting memory in the mind of a viewer.

As a sensible parent, you will always want your kid to grow with a positive attitude, and be a good viewer in analyzing things. Some prefer buying gifts and items that are more personalized, and aid in increasing his attributes and skills. For example, you will like to develop skills such as trouble shooting, listening, multitasking and rational thinking.

You will find a large variety of items in the market appropriate for your individual kid’s needs. Here, let us talk about the DVDs available for kids in the market. Animated, adventure, action and kids’ comedy DVDs are available in large numbers. In doing your research about them some may make a list of DVDs you want to buy for your kid. The apple of your eye will be delighted to have some of the best in his or her collection.

Many parents buy action and fairly tale movie DVDs for their kids. They also buy them as gifts for their kids on birthdays, or any other special occasions. They do make great gift ideas for your kids or other kids you know.

Gift your child the new Disney DVD of the Cinderella movie. It would be a unique gift for your child. This DVD is a milestone in cinematic achievement. It has become one of the top films in 2015. Not just for your child but for the whole family.

Disney’s New Cinderella movie is directed by Kenneth Branagh. It is a live action retelling the story of a classic fairy tale where a stepdaughter treated as servant wins the heart of a prince at the Ball. The movie revolves around Ella (Lily James) who, inspite of all hurdles and pain is successful in winning the heart of the prince. It stars Cate Blanchett, Lily James, Richard Madden, Stellan Skarsgård, Holliday Grainger, Derek Jacobi and Helena Bonham Carter.

Disney’s New Cinderella movie is a remarkable entertainment. It is a story on celebration of human spirit. You too can enjoy watching this beautiful DVD along with your kid. It will keep you engaged and thrilled from start to finish. It is a classic which people in every age enjoy watching.

Happy Watching!

Yoga DVDs For Pregnancy

Motherhood is a beautiful phase in a woman’s life. It is full of wonderful experiences where she enjoys being a mother to her heart’s content by showing love and care to her little bundle of joy. To make this journey more splendid, a woman generally takes precautions before the arrival of her little bundle of joy in the world. The feeling is often to take a lot of care while she is in the pregnancy phase.

One likes to take care of her health in order to make sure the baby is also healthy while still in the womb and also post-delivery. Regular visits to the doctor, eating nutritious food and following a healthy regime is often seen as important during this time. You often hear people say she needs to exercise regularly to keep herself energetic and safe for delivery.

Some healthcare professionals have sometimes suggested pregnant women could practice prenatal yoga for enjoying a hassle-free pregnancy period and labour . But, it is important to find the right way of doing prenatal yoga. Yoga DVDs are a great help to know the right ways of doing prenatal yoga.

We have a huge range of yoga DVDs. The DVDs provide comprehensive yoga instruction for both during and after pregnancy. They are personal and a easy-to-follow guide. You can enjoy these DVDs from the comfort of your own home.

Some of the yoga DVDs available are one on one sessions where a professional instructor will virtually guide you to practice yoga in the right manner. The DVDs will take you through a practical program. They are suitable for all levels. Whether you have prior knowledge of yoga or not, the yoga DVDs will guide you in a very simple way. The best part of using yoga DVDs is you can practice at home without bothering to join any physical yoga class or group.

Yoga DVDs will teach you all yoga postures for your pregnancy period. For example, you will learn postures specific to breath awareness, supported floor postures, sitting postures, and standing postures. All these yoga exercises will reduce strain on your back, and build stamina and strength. These exercises may help you all throughout pregnancy, labour, and even after the delivery. But it is wise to consult your doctor prior to starting any Yoga.

Grab a few Yoga DVDs for Pregnancy and enjoy the most exciting time in your life.