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March 2017 DVD Releases

March 2017 DVD Releases
Well 2017 is in full swing and we’re about to hit an awesome month for new releases. Our favourite TV shows are up and running, and some great movies about to hit the shelves. So let’s look at the highlights of March New Releases.

A Place To Call Home Season 4
This Aussie period drama is a standout. A Place To Call Home season 4 DVD is set in the 1950s after the Second World War and continues to bring out the love and pain people went through as they struggled to lead their lives after the war. Marta Dusseldorp stars as Sarah Adams, who returns to Australia after 20 years of living in Europe. Drama continues as contradicting social issues arise to change the face of Australian society. How does each conflicting issue affect Sarah, the Bligh family, and everyone in Ash Park and Inverness? With a compelling storyline and great vogue, you shouldn’t miss A Place to Call Home Season 4 DVD. So, pre-order now.

Death In Paradise Season 6
No one just can’t get enough of crime drama series. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy some heavy sleuthing, right? Set against the plush ambiance of the paradise island Saint Marie are a string of murders and crimes which are to be investigated by DI Humphrey Goodman, portrayed by Kris Marshall. Despite the formulaic approach to the narrative, each case is still different from the previous ones. If you haven’t seen all episodes from this season, you better pre-order Death In Paradise Season 6 DVD so you can have a DVD marathon at home.

Midsomer Murders Season 19 Part 1
If you are familiar with (or had collected) the Chief Inspector Barnaby books by Caroline Graham, then you sure have also followed Midsomer Murders TV Series. The crowd are clamoring for this mystery fiction and crime drama series that it had been running for 19 seasons! Follow DCI John Barnaby as he solves crimes in the fictional Midsomer. Midsomer Murders Season 19 Part 1 DVD is up for pre-order, so grab the chance now so you’ll have your very own copy at the time of its official Aussie release.

Chicago Fire Season 4

How often do you see firefighters and paramedics showing teamwork in an explosive and action-packed TV series? Good thing Chicago Fire exists! There certainly are a lot of stories to tell behind the personnel of Chicago Firehouse 51. Firemen and paramedics are human, after all, and have lives outside of work, but how do they managed to stay focused in a job where life-saving decisions are extremely necessary? Pre-order now to get your very own Chicago Fire Season 4 DVD right at your doorstep at its official Aussie release so you’ll watch it full and without commercials.

Fuller House Season 1
Who remembers Full House TV series? If you remembered watching all four seasons and laughing out loud, we are sure you’ll enjoy just as much with Fuller House. Yep, Fuller House is the most-awaited sequel to Full House. If you are wondering how are girls are doing, they’re all grown up. Engage yourselves once again in DJ Tanner-Fuller and Stephanie Tanner’s lives as adults. This series will not disappoint, as it is still as hilarious and engaging as the original iconic series. With actors reprising their roles, it will be like meeting and catching up with friends who you haven’t seen in a long, long time. Fuller House Season 1 DVD is in store now.

Mr. Selfridge Season 4
Oh, how we all love drama. And especially drama set in past generations! If you have indulged yourself in the past three seasons of Mr. Selfridge, indulge on this fourth amazing season as well! Set in the early 1900s, this period drama tells the story of Harry Gordon Selfridge, American founder of London’s chic department store Selfridges. Season 4 is now set in 1928. How will Mr. Selfridge manage to keep his business afloat? What personal matters are hounding him and his family? Watch the drama unfold behind the man and the department store that inspired London’s fashion. Mr. Selfridge Season 4 DVD is in store now.

Mr. Robot Season 2
With everything wired, many things are possible, even hacking securely guarded networks of mega corporations. That is, if a service of a skilled hacker is enlisted. Give the viewers a security engineer troubled with social anxiety, a cyber anarchist, a crowd of hacktivists, and cloak and dagger games, and you get a thrilling cyber thriller. With Mr. Robot having influence over Elliot Anderson, how will Elliot escape the grasps of Mr. Robot? Mr. Robot Season 2 DVD now for pre-order.

Ripper Street Season 5
Expect danger where there are deep dark secrets. Expect crime when secrets are bound to be divulge. And London’s East End is no exception, not when it used to be where the Jack Ripper murders occurred. Whitechapel’s H Division is the sole hope of bringing about peace and order in the area. What will Reid and Jackson be up to this season? Will the remaining years of the Victorian era see order? Ripper Street Season 5 DVD is now in store.




These are just a few of the so many good March releases so check out even more on our website and be the first to own by ordering now.

Full House to Fuller House

The Full House Girls have now grown up in Fuller House DVD.

It’s not very often where you get to have a sequel to a beloved TV show after many years of it being off the air. Can you honestly name a title or two?

You remember the late 80s “Full House,” do you not? It will continue as the equally hilarious “Fuller House.” Yes, the Full House girls are now grown up and are dealing with life amusingly as adults. Fans have aged, and so have the girls. The story centers around D.J. Tanner-Fuller, who is now a successful veterinarian and a mother of three boys. Being a widow, she accepted the help of sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmy in assisting her to raise her sons. With many people sharing a house and providing love and support for each other, the house is fuller indeed!

In place of childish sibling fights and high school girl crushes and heartaches are adult matters such as kids and parenting style, bills, and work, to name a few. Despite that, family and friendship still remain. Times change, and so have the girls. Despite the changes, there are still things that are the same.

The good thing about it is the fact that most of the characters reprise their roles. You can also get glimpses of Danny Turner, Jesse Katsopolis, and Joey Gladstone once in a while. Every Full House fan can catch up with the lives of our beloved girls like how you do with old-time friends you suddenly meet again. Isn’t it wonderful? Viewers who had never seen the original Full House TV series can still be entertained with Fuller House. We can say, it’s not just a fan thing!

Fuller House is now on DVD!  Whatever your reason for being unable to watch all 13 episodes, you will no longer miss once you have a copy of the Fuller House Season 1 DVD. You get to watch each episode at the comfort of your couch and without commercial breaks! Best of all, you can get it in clear image and crisp sound. Like its predecessor, Fuller House Season 1 is meant to be shared with the family and enjoyed over and over again. Owning it on DVD allows this.

You don’t want to miss this chance to reunite with the Full House girls. Fuller House Season 1 DVD is available now on DVD at great stores, um, like ours 🙂