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February 2020 DVD releases in store now

This month’s new releases are now all in stock. Check out these highlights.

Frozen 2

This sequel to the 2013 animated Disney film has been on the watch list of fans. Our favourite characters return.

Queen Elsa and Princess Anna enjoy a life of peace in Arendelle. However, a mysterious voice beckons Elsa into an enchanted forest, which holds the secret to the sisters’ past. Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven travel into the mystic woods to find the answers to the mystery and the source of that intriguing voice, while trying to restore the balance between Elsa’s kingdom and the people from Northuldra.

Fisherman’s Friends

This movie is based on the actual group made up of Cornish fishermen from Port Isaac, Fisherman’s Friends.

A music executive from London happens to be in Cornwall where his boss pranks him into signing up a group of fishermen in Universal Records. The fishermen have a love for singing but are skeptical about being in the music industry, as they hold dear their friendship over fame. Although these fine folks are eventually signed up as a professional music group, the executive finds himself drawn into the traditional values cherished by the fishermen. He begins to examine what really matters in life.

Ford v Ferrari

“Ford v Ferrari” is an unlikely sports drama film you have ever encountered. The movie stars Christian Bale and Matt Damon.

The 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans is approaching, and Henry Ford II wants a race car that will finally defeat the racing car from Ferrari. Automotive designer Carroll Shelby is joined with British racing engineer and driver Ken Miles team up to create the Ford GT40.

Together, these two battle and overcome professional, legal, corporate, scientific, and personal circumstances which will forever be written in the car racing history. The racing car from Ford eventually dominates over Ferrari in the next few years, becoming the only American manufacturer to win in the prestigious Le Mans race.

Terminator: Dark Fate

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton are back for the continuation of this iconic movie series. This flick is more action-packed with more special effects.

A young girl whose fate is a critical setting in the future is being hunted by a shapeshiting liquid Terminator. Sarah Connor, a cybernetically-enhanced human, and a humanised T-800  join forces to protect the young girl.


One of the practices in decades of old is the practice of arranged marriage. This is the premise of the movie starring Tina Arena, Paul Mercurio, Antoniette Iesue, and Daniel Berini.

In 1953, two Italian fathers make an agreement to have their children marry each other. Twenty-one years has passed. The times have changed and tradition is fading. However, the betrothed are expected to get married or face the repercussions of breaking off the agreement.

Emu Runner

Nine-year-old Gem Daniel, who is in despair after the passing of her mother, befriends an emu. She eventually is attached to the animal, but skips school and steals food to feed her winged friend. This does not escape the attention of Heidi, the new social worker in town. Gem’s father tries his best to be a good father and prove the white community wrong by raising his three children well. Jay Jay must balance between being a good provider and a good parent, but all of these are tested by the shenanigans done by his children.


The winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture is the Parasite DVD. This South Korean blockbuster is a masterpiece indeed. After its world premiere in 2019 Cannes Film Festival, this movie continues to grab attention the world over. This is directed by filmmaker Bong Joon-ho, who is also behind “The Host” and “Snowpiercer.” The fact that this movie gains nominations and accolades left and right is enough to rouse the curiosity of people who are not familiar with K-pop, Korean dramas, and Korean movies.

The Kim family is so poor that they struggle to make ends meet even with temporary jobs. Their luck changes when a friend of Ki-woo, the son of the Kim household, tells him to take on the job of tutoring the teenage daughter of the wealthy Park family. Ki-woo’s success in being hired by the Parks ultimately leads to the Kims planning their entrance using fake identities, fake jobs, and pretending to be total strangers. What seems to be a chance to taste a life of luxury goes awry when the plan unexpectedly fails.

Suzi Q

When you think of rock n’ roll, you would often think of male groups. But one woman had broken that notion back in 1973: Suzi Q.

Watch this amazing documentary about Suzi Quatro, her roots, and how she rose to stardom in the world of rock n’ roll. The first female bass player to become a rock star, Suzi Q serves as an inspiration to other women out there who are treading the path of disciplines which are usually male-dominated.

Knives Out

If you love Agatha Christie and her mystery stories (and any intriguing and mind boggling mystery stories for that matter), we highly recommend “Knives Out.” This movie stars an amazing cast, including Christopher Plummber, Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Don Johnson, Toni Collette, Ana De Armas, Michael Shannon, Katherine Langford, Jaeden Martell, and LaKieth Stanfield.

Crime novelist Harlan Thrombey is dead just after he turned 85 years old. Detective Benoit Blanc is hired to dig into the case. Every family member and every staff are suspects. Each person holds secrets, lies, and self-serving motivations, and it is up to Detective Blanc to uncover the identity of the criminal.

Fans are sure to keep their attention on the film the whole time, deduce, and guess, “Whodunit?” 

The Queens Corgi

Families looking for great movies to enjoy together will never go wrong with “The Queen’s Corgi.” This hearty film is based on the story of Queen Elizabeth II and her corgis.

The film is about Rex, the cute and mischievous corgi of the Queen. Though he is the favourite dog of the Queen, he dishonours the Queen after a mishap during the official visit of President Donald Trump and Melania Trump. This eventually leads to Rex being thrown out by a jealous royal dog. Soon, Rex embarks in an adventure that opens his point of view to the world outside the palace. Finally, his wandering ends when he returns home to Buckingham Palace.

Martha: A Picture Story

This documentary is a must-see for those who are into history and the arts.

People have different opinions when it comes to visual arts. Graffiti has evoked different impressions from the crowd. During the time when New York had decided to wage war against street art, Martha Cooper, a photojournalist for the New York Post, captured the colourful and understated life in the streets. Her compiled works were put in the backburner following a commercial failure. Fast forward, the graffiti world has become a global movement, and many people have elevated Cooper to legendary status.

Doctor Sleep

Horror fans will always have a favourite Stephen King title or two. Or three. Add “Doctor Sleep” to your list.

“Doctor Sleep” continues where “The Shining” has left off. Dan Torrance, now an adult, is a man who has psychic abilities. He takes notice of another girl with a shining more powerful than the one he possesses. But Dan steps up from his “hibernation” to protect the girl from The True Knot, a cult which feeds on children to live forever.

Swamp Thing Season 1

DC fans have another superhero to look out for: The Swamp Thing. If you are curious, you better check Swamp Thing Season 1. The Swamp Thing is a plant-elemental humanoid living in a Louisiana swamp. The swamp holds a lot of secrets, which is investigated by CDC Investigator Abby Arcane.

Abby will soon find out the past of the Swamp Thing.

The Tick Complete series

You seldom encounter superhero series and movies in the comedy genre. If you love both comedy and superhero flicks, then The Tick is for you. You better get the complete season to enjoy watching in your own homes.

An accountant without superpowers realizes (or so he thinks) that the city he is living in is owned by a super villain. He thinks that there is a conspiracy within this, so he teams up with a strange superhero in a blue suit with feelers.

The Inmate Season 1

This American adaptation of “El Marginal” (an Argentinian television series) is another thriller drama that will get you hooked.