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November 2017 DVD Releases

November 2017 DVD Releases

With Christmas around the corner we have heaps of great new DVD releases now in store. Let’s have a look at all new November releases.


Gilmore Girls: Year In the Life

We know you were one of those who waited for each episode every week last decade. We loved the witty exchange and the fast dialogue between Lorelai and Rory. We anticipated Rory’s love stories, and the blooming romance between Lorelai and Luke. We loved some characters and not-so-much others, and yet, we felt emptiness when the show ended.

After a decade, Gilmore Girls is back as a 4-part mini-series! Our love for this show hasn’t subsided like Lorelai’s love for coffee. There are lots of changes from where we left off: the death of Richard Gilmore, Emily and Lorelai’s coping with loss, Rory’s struggle with her job as a freelance journalist, and the much-awaited marriage between Lorelai and Luke.

Cars 3

Disney Pixar is back to offering a surprise for lovers of the Cars animated films. Gear up as Lightning McQueen is back in track!

McQueen had been a Piston Cup title-holder for seven times already, but his post in the pedestal is threatened by a rookie that goes by the name of Jackson Storm. McQueen nearly destructs in a race, and what he fears the most is staring at him in the face: retirement. But while he can’t beat Storm with speed, he can beat him by another tactic. Cars 3 is now in store.


The Crown Season 1

Political figures are powerful people with colorful lives, but no matter how magnanimous the power they hold, their lives are not bed of roses for the most part. “The Crown” is a biographical drama series highlighting the life and reign of one of the famous royalties in contemporary times, Queen Elizabeth II.

Claire Foy brilliantly portrays the monarch in this first season, during the early years of her reign. Rivalries for power are everywhere, but a newlywed young woman had been given the crown to lead. The historical accuracy of this TV series garnered raves from critics, so this masterpiece is a must for every lover of historical shows.


Greys Anatomy Season 13

Who says hospital life is boring? This TV medical drama will prove naysayers otherwise. The surgical ward at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital has a lot of gossips to tell if only it could speak. Our surgical residents, attending physicians, and the rest of the medical staff face the tough competition in their chosen field, as well as personal lives out of their scrub suits and lab coats.



Once Upon A Time Season 6

As young kids, the phrase “Once upon a time” sent us to lands of stories and dreams during bedtime. How about we revisit those stories with a different twist? The heroes and heroines in the stories of our youth are back for the sixth season.

Morpheus assists Gold in entering Belle’s dream, but that he also revealed to them his real parentage. Cinderella is in a love triangle between her stepsister Clorinda and Prince Thomas. Gold protects Belle from Hyde, but why is Jekyll after her? And who is the Black Fairy to Rumpelstiltskin?


Westworld Season 1

Sci-fi meets western. That’s what “Westworld” is about from HBO. If you’re looking for another face of the sci-fi genre, you will find this intriguing.

So what’s worth watching about this series? “Westworld” is set in a Wild West-themed technological park where the elite members of society can spend money all the can and do whatever they want inside the park, which is mostly populated by the android hosts. The rich can indulge in every whim without consequences. Or so they think.



One can find love everywhere: in a coffee shop, in your vacation to Seoul, in a concert in Anaheim, or in the lovely countryside in London. This lovely romance-drama film takes place in Hampstead Heath between an American widow and a man who lives all his life in a hut. Emily Walters, the widow who has fallen in love with Donald Horner, must stand up for him when property developers threaten to take away the only place he has called home.

One can find love everywhere indeed. But the adage “Love conquers all” also speaks true in this movie.

3 Great Classic Aussie Shows

You can never go wrong with these Aussie classics. All action-packed police procedural dramas.

“Blue Heelers” is a TV series set in a small Victorian community. Just like urban areas, police forces must maintain peace and order. And not only that, we also get to see the mundane living of the friendly neighborhood policemen in Mount Thomas. Continue your guilty pleasure with  Blue Heelers Collection 4.

“Police Rescue” is another exciting drama TV series. If you have been around the release of this series, you’ll remember the astounding stunts done in the series (for the time). It’s all thanks to the guidance of the NSW Police Rescue Department, thus giving action scenes a realistic take. Police Rescue Box Set is a must have.

Another police procedural TV drama it is, and that’s “Water Rats.” This series gets inspiration from the Sydney Water Police. Heinous crimes lurk around Sydney Harbour, and the highly-trained police forces must do their duty to solve these crimes hounding the waterways and harbours. We’ve been waiting a long time for these 3 Aussie shows to be released to DVD so grab them while you can.