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April 2017 DVD Releases

April 2017 DVD Releases

Summer is over and the weather is finally starting to cool down. Time to start to cuddle up on the lounge and watch some great New DVD Releases. There are heaps of your favourite TV series and movies being releases in April? Here are some of the highlights.

Rogue One

In store now is the new Star Wars movie. This is a standalone movie on its own right. If you love sci-fi movies but have never seen this masterpiece, you should definitely give this a try. This movie tells the exciting adventure of insurrectionists who are set to get their hands on the plans for Death Star. Critics praised this movie, including the musical score, acting, and action sequence. If you think these are not enough of reasons to grab this DVD now, how about getting two Academy Award nominations for Best Visual Effects and Best Sound Mixing?

Call The Midwife Season 6

We all have our share of medical TV dramas, mostly about doctors and nurses, but how about a TV series about midwives? And on top of that, a period drama? That’s a double “WOW!” Call The Midwife is an exciting take of the professional and personal lives of the nurse midwives in the 1950s to the 1960s in the East End of London. This BBC drama includes cultural, economic, and medical revolutions back in the day, so any viewers from the older generations who had experienced some of these can walk down memory lane. All seasons of Call The Midwife are critically acclaimed. The nuns and nurses of Nonnatus House will face more challenges than ever before in Call The Midwife Season 6, but as they say, challenges will make the bond stronger.


The Magic Of Andre Rieu

Andre Rieu is back with a new 3 disc DVD just in time for Mother’s Day. For all those Mums who love an Andre Rieu DVD then this new release needs to be at the top of your shopping list.


The Kettering Incident

This TV series is a special mention, not only because it is one of the upcoming April releases that you should look out for, but also because this is closer to home: It was filmed in Tasmania. The Kettering Incident series follows the connection between Dr. Anna Macy and the disappearances of two girls in related incidents in different timelines. Dr. Macy will have to find out for herself what happened in these two incidents and why she was linked to it, in an effort to clear her name.


The Founder

Sure, we love fast food and we love McDonald’s, but we should also get to know the man behind the business. Follow this biographical drama highlighting the life of businessman Ray Kroc. What is the secret behind McDonald’s? Sure, they sell burger and fries, but what was that secret to making this business a highly successful economic venture? Whether you love drama, or love burgers, or love real-estate business (oops, did we spoil too much?), you have to watch The Founder. And guess what? Critics gave this movie positive reviews with an amazing performance of Michael Keaton.



A sci-fi and space travel movie. This should be good. Imagine hibernating in a ship and traveling to a new world. But things could go awry, as what our protagonists in this exciting film “Passengers” have found out. What happened during the trip, and why were they awaken 90 years before their intended schedule? Enough with the spoilers, this is a great Saturday night movie viewing at home starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt.


Midsomer Murders Series 19

Midsomer Murders is now on its 19th season and somehow remains just as popular. Interest dwindles after some time especially if a series becomes so redundant, but what keeps this series up and running? Is it the cast? Is it the plot? Whatever the reason, you should grab your very own Midsomer Series 19 now!


Before The Flood

Climate change. It was a super hot summer but was it climate change? How about the devastating recent floods in South East Queensland and northern NSW. You get yourself thinking, “This isn’t how it was last year, or the year before that.” So you ask, what happened? Just how scary is climate change? Just how urgent is the need to reverse it? And most importantly, can we save our planet on time? This documentary follows “The Revenant” star Leonardo DiCaprio as he goes on an educated tour around the world with scientists to witness firsthand the reality and effects of climate change. It’s certainly depressing and not a feel good DVD by any measure but it’s something we should all view to make up our own minds.


A Place To Call Home Complete 1-4 box set

4 words. Best Aussie Show Ever! Yes? This period drama set after the second World War is now in a complete package! Get a copy of the complete box set of A Place To Call Home now and binge watch it. Following the life of Sarah Adams as she returns to Australia after living in Europe for 20 years. Follow her interaction with the Bligh family and everyone in Inverness and Ash Park. Witness the different facets of change and issues that every Aussie had to face during that era. How does Sarah deal with all of this? If you haven’t watched all episodes of this epic drama, but would want to binge watch all seasons, then this is a great chance to get your very own A Place To Call Home Complete Box Set now.

These are just a few of the exciting April releases, so grab your own copies now!