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One Direction Tour

One Direction. Two simple words that seem to make teenage girls cry spontaneously. One Direction fans seem to speak another language, whether it is about which of 1D (shorthand, for those in the know) has the best hair, whether Harry or Niall has the best voice or which one they love the best and why.  Well, whether you understand the intricate details of the One Direction band members or not, you can’t escape the fact that their faces are everywhere and on everything.  And right now they are here in Australia.

Currently touring the country, they are creating mass hysteria with fans everywhere they go.  With sold out shows, and fans staking out hotels it’s clear that One Direction is this generation’s boy band phenomena.  One Direction is the product of another global phenomenon, X Factor. Individually, none of the One Direction members made it very far until they formed a group to continue in the competition. And even then they only came third. But after signing a record deal the rest, as they say, is history.

One Direction’s massive popularity has been fuelled by social media, and it doesn’t hurt that they are all good looking boys-next-door that every girl wants as a boyfriend and every mum wants as a son-in-law.  By using social media well, the boys have made an emotional and personal connection with their fans.  This connection has created fierce fan loyalty as fans feel that they are very close to the band members.  The boys use Twitter to share their everyday experiences with fans, presenting themselves as just typical teenagers that just happen to be mega stars. The fans can’t get enough. The Australian concerts were sold out over a year ago within minutes of going on sale. 1D has also just announced they are releasing their third album, Midnight Memories, which will no doubt be another top seller along with their music DVDs.

Whether you are an avid 1D fan, or a parent that needs to do some research in order to try and make sense of your teenager’s constant One Direction conversations, grab some One Direction DVDs online and discover more about these five British boys that are taking over the world.

Andre Rieu In Australia

Andre Rieu is currently touring Australia with a brand new show and is as popular as ever with Australian audiences. Andre Rieu is a classical violinist that uses his own unique style to engage audiences at his shows.  Although his adaptation of the classics is criticised by the classical music purists, it can’t be denied that he has created a revival in interest in waltz music. Andre and his orchestra give new life to classical works with their use of colour, costumes and humour as well as dance and guest soloists.

Andre Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra are heading around the country this October with their ‘And The Waltz Goes On’ tour, performing classic waltzes but also a dynamic mix of music genres which can include anything from folk songs to film scores to the Seekers. Combined with Andre’s magnetism and sense of humour is a winning combination for audiences.

Whilst in Australia, Andre has also been doing the rounds of the Aussie TV breakfast shows to promote his concerts, and his new album where he gives ABBA songs the classical touch. Andre Rieu has created a huge body of work over his long career, which include a busy touring schedule, CDs and DVDs. Andre Rieu DVDs are incredibly popular as his fans enjoy reliving the magic of his colourful and dynamic concerts over and over.  Andre has a DVD for every occasion, Christmas, New Years Eve, movie scores, romance and the list goes on.  He also releases many of his international concerts on DVD so fans can enjoy many different cultures and stunning locations. The best way to get your hands on Andre’s concerts is to get the DVDs online. Andre began 2013 by releasing his Happy Birthday DVD which celebrates his 25th year with the Johann Strauss Orchestra and has also released his Live in Brazil concert, Rieu Royale in honour of the new Dutch king’s coronation, Magic of the Movies of best loved screen hits and most recently Live in Maastricht 7 filmed at his magnificent Dutch castle.  So there is plenty of opportunity for his fans to own a piece of Andre Rieu magic!

Happy Halloween

We all know that Americans love Halloween. Dressing up, trick or treating and carving pumpkin Jack O’ Lanterns we instantly recognise as an American tradition. Over the last few years however, more and more Australian kids are getting into the Halloween spirit and celebrating this old tradition in a modern way.

Gone are the old meanings of Halloween, or All Hallows Eve, and now it is a time for fun and dressing up. Celebrated on October 31 each year, Halloween centres around trick or treating, although I’m sure that most kids are more interested in the treats and not the tricks, dressing up as scary characters and generally using it as a reason to have a party. Halloween is a great excuse to have a costume party that both kids and adults can participate in and just have fun with.  I’m not sure that Australians have really adopted the Jack O’ Lantern pumpkin carving that the Americans love. It’s maybe because Aussies don’t get the gigantic pumpkins that the Americans do, it’s just not the same carving a scary face into a butternut, but I suspect it’s because pumpkin carving isn’t a top priority skill for most people.

Now back to the treats…while kids love collecting Halloween lollies (or candy if you’re American), there’s nothing like getting the kids full of sugar, dressing them up in scary costumes then plonking them in front of a horror DVD for an entertaining evening of screams.  I reckon it’s just as much fun for the adults. For the littlies, there are also plenty of Halloween cartoon DVDs to entertain them if you don’t want to cause too many Halloween nightmares.

So while the Americans have traditionally owned Halloween celebrations, Aussies are adopting it as a fun celebration and getting into the spirit of the occasion.  (Get it…spirit…a little Halloween humour there….)

Pirates Of The Caribbean

What makes a good movie?

Is it things like an engaging plot, likeable characters, and witty dialogue? Or is it the search for treasure, swash-buckling sword fights and Johnny Depp? Given the success of the Pirates of The Caribbean movie franchise I’d say all of the above.

Back in 1967, the Pirates of The Caribbean ride was the last attraction personally overseen by Walt Disney before he passed away. Since then it has become a favourite Disneyland attraction for so many Disney fans and Disney DVD fans.  You can’t get off that ride without humming the Pirates theme (Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me…) for the rest of the day.

So when the Pirates of The Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl was released back in 2003, there was already a huge fan base to launch a movie franchise from. Johnny Depp brought the character of Captain Jack Sparrow to our screens with humour and flair, and the world of Pirates of the Caribbean expanded beyond the confines of a Disneyland attraction.

Creating this modern franchise of Pirates movies has introduced a whole new legion of fans to the classic Disney ride as well.

We’ve now had four movies; Curse of the Black Pearl, Dead Man’s Chest, At World’s End and On Stranger tides.  The 2015 release of the next installment, Dead Men Tell No Tales, has been pushed back while the script is being reworked. The producer Jerry Bruckheimer wants to ensure that Dead Men Tell No Tales has a simple and fun script before they start shooting. Good news is that Johnny Depp will definitely be back as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Hopefully the next Pirates movie will also have a 3D version like On Stranger Tides. The 3D Blu Ray of On Stranger Tides really brings to life the world of Captain Jack and gives a new dimension on the action. Grab the 3D Blu Ray online now to see for yourself.