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Downton Abbey Final Series On DVD

Downton Abbey final series is now available to order on DVD and Blu Ray.

What are good points of a period drama?

There’s that interesting plot regarding characters. You get a glimpse of how people go about with their lives back in the day. You are able to view how events, such as national or world events, affect the lives and feelings of characters. A period drama also gives you insights on how people interact with one another in their time, especially with a social order that is different from ours today. You also witness the social hierarchy in a certain era. In the case of a Downton Abbey DVD both upstairs and downstairs.

Another good thing about period drama is the beauty of the setting. Old modes of transportation, the precursor of businesses, and unpaved roads just might greet you even on the first scene. When everything is urbanized, period dramas could even give you lush scenery that will take your breath away and make you wish to go on a vacation to the countryside. But of course, you also get to see the fashion statement of the people during that time period. What was in vogue for women and men? What were the accessories that were the fad back then?

Indeed, a period drama is an art that pampers you with intriguing an storyline, a thick plot, a captivating backdrop, and splendid costumes you can mostly see in history books or encyclopedias. Now, that exactly is what the British period drama “Downton Abbey” is offering its viewers.

This critically acclaimed TV series revolves around the lives of the aristocrat, that of the Crawley family of Downton Abbey. Both the upstairs family and the downtstairs workers. Each series paints a picture of the interaction of each characters and the social dynamics that exist during that time. Each season brings us back in time of famous world events, like the sinking of the RMS Titanic, for example, and lets us into the mentality of the people when such events occurred. The stories also illustrate the interwoven lives of each character in this majestic English country estate.

And each season keeps getting better and better, which is why this show gathers fans from around the globe. With nominations and awards right and left, we must say this is a magnificent series indeed! This TV series has provided us with quality and pleasurable viewing for 6 seasons. But yet, even a good series has to say goodbye, for Downton Abbey is down to its last season, the sixth season. But who says you can say goodbye to such a good series without a farewell gift?

There’s nothing to worry, folks, because Downton Abbey Series 6 DVD is available to order now. It’s also available in a complete 6 series box set. If you have collected the first five seasons, and had wanted to complete your collection, now is the time to give yourself a wonderful gift.

The best thing about owning your very own Downton Abbey Series 6 DVD is that you get free bonus features and more good stuff, something you don’t get on a paid streamed version. No, you just can’t. Another thing to note is that you can be an aristocrat in your lounge or own bedroom and enjoy a marathon. And that clear crisp sound? You can’t get that on a streamed version!  Downton Abbey Series 6 DVD is now available to order at DVDLand.