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September 2018 DVD Releases Now In Store

These September 2018 new DVD releases are now in store and don’t miss Durrells season 3 DVD out next month.

The Walking Dead Season 8

Fans can’t get enough of this TV series. For those who had missed some episodes on TV, here is the exciting eighth season of “The Walking Dead,” now on DVD.

Negan and the Saviors are still a major threat. Rick and company must join forces with the other communities to bring the Saviors down. However, the fight is not easy at it seems, especially when there are conflicts from within the groups. Will they be able to take down Negan and his people? Who will remain at Rick’s side, or who will join him? And who will realize that his loyalty is with the enemy?

The Blacklist Season 5

Your week isn’t complete without a dose of “The Blacklist.” James Spader gives justice to his role as Red Reddington, and he deserves all the raves! Reddington is back for the fifth season of this incredible crime thriller drama series.

With his criminal empire in ruins, Reddington is back to rebuilding it. And this time, he’s making his empire with his daughter Elizabeth Keen with him. But of course, it needs revenue and a handsome list of some blacklisters he knows. Meanwhile, Liz is faced with a decision: to continue to work as a federal agent, or to work alongside her father.

Law And Order SVU Special Victims Unit  Season 19

Police procedural dramas will never go out of style. And Law And Order SVU Special Victims Unit testifies to that. Enjoy the 19th season of this TV series.

The Special Victims Unit is trailing a fugitive rapist in Cuba. The unit needs the testimony of a victim to arrest the perpetrator. The detectives in SUV are baffled and argue over the veracity of the claim of a woman who claims to have been raped. A case takes an unusual turn when three people who are suspected of castrating a man claim that they did it for revenge.

The Big Bang Theory Season 11

Who knew science could be this hilarious? If you think people making a living in theoretical physics, programming, or neuroscience are a bunch of boring folks, you really need to watch “The Big Bang Theory.” And oh, you’ll never realize you’ll catch up on the eleventh season because this series is incredibly funny (and not merely scientific).

Amy gets a proposal from Sheldon. Meanwhile, Bernadette and Howard aren’t happy to have a 2nd baby on the way. Sheldon and Howard are depressed regarding the success of their careers, while Amy and Bernadette end up arguing which field is better. Leonard’s mother praises him after and is impressed with Penny. Really?

Chicago Fire Season 6

Policemen are not the only heroes in our society. Firefighters and paramedics deserve the accolades too. Welcome to Firehouse 51, where all the drama of “Chicago Fire” happen. And welcome to the sixth season.

Despite the danger it might cause, Boden makes a last-minute judgment just to save his colleagues in a warehouse fire. Not only do the crew from Firehouse 51 survive, Casey is due for promotion. Boden’s wife, Donna, gets into a fire accident in school, but it turns out, the fire was intentional. Meanwhile, Dawson is trapped in a parking garage accident while running personal errands.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 8

Hawaii is not just a surfing haven. It’s also that setting where you can get gripping action and more police procedural drama. Remember Magnum PI? This Friday addiction can get you hooked on its eighth season.

A manhunt operation ensues after the escape of a convicted arsonist. McGarrett and Danny recruit a former police candidate, who is reluctant to work with them. Five-0 and a former MI6 investigate the murder of a man and the members of his crime family.
Meanwhile, someone sends a video recording of a murder from years ago, and it is up to members of Five-0 to discover the identity of the victim and the murderer. Book ’em Danno.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Isla Nublar is now the home of dinosaurs that fend for themselves after the Jurassic World was destroyed. An impending volcanic eruption has spurred a senate hearing in Washington D.C., where the fate of the dinosaurs are at stake. Will they be allowed to live, or should they be left alone to die?

Owen Grady and Claire Dearing go to the island to save the dinosaurs. However, it’s not only them who have their eyes on the giant reptiles. Some other people with vested interest have other plans.

Sicario: Day of The Soldado

Drug cartels are not merely trafficking drugs along the US-Mexico border; they are also transporting terrorists. And the United States government authorizes Matt Graver to stop them. Graver works with Alejandro Gillick once again to instigate war between two warring cartels. The mission is not easy as the CIA had intended it to be. Lives, loyalty, and duty are on the line.