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Deadliest Catch

Deadliest Catch Season 9 is now out on DVD. Deadliest Catch caused quite a stir when it first aired on The Discovery Channel back in 2005.  Initially I was sceptical, a show that follows crab boats, not just a one hour special but a whole season?  Didn’t really sound that interesting, not being a huge fan of actual fishing myself which probably stems from when I was 6 and got fish hook stuck in my hand. I’d like to think that experience made me empathise with what the fish feels like when it gets on a hook and that’s why I have never fished again. But in reality I was 6, had a fish hook in my hand and it really hurt; I was done with fishing then.

So I watched the first episode of Deadliest Catch not expecting great things but to my surprise it was really interesting (let’s get the pun out of the way – I was hooked). Deadliest Catch offers a glimpse into a world where most of us didn’t even know about and will never experience. The premise itself is simple, put cameramen on boats that go out on the dangerous Bering Sea and film the crab boat crews hauling in crab. Sounds easy and a bit boring, but it’s not about the fishing it’s about the personalities and the element of real life danger.

The Deadliest Catch TV show remains popular as it’s not the ‘reality’ TV shows we are used to.  The crews are not on TV to win a prize or become a C-Grade celebrity, this is just their job.  Granted it’s a job that involves gigantic waves, ice that can sink a boat and the real risk of death, but these are just hard working guys doing their job.  This is real TV not reality TV.

After watching a bit of Deadliest Catch we all become couch experts on crab fishing, we suddenly think we know what the right amount of bait is for a crab pot, who’s not experienced enough to throw the hook and which greenhorn we think won’t last the season. But that’s part of the charm of the show, it draws you in and makes you feel a part of the crews’ story. You say things like ‘that will be the last string of the season’ implying that; a) I know what I’m talking about, b) I would normally use this phrase in real life, and c) I could be a crab fisherman if I wanted.   Now I know that I wouldn’t even last 5 minutes on a crab boat even if it was still moored at the dock.  But from the safety of the couch you can imagine what being a part of the experience would be like.

So while I’m not going to take up fishing again anytime soon I will be more than happy watching Deadliest Catch on DVD from the safety of my lounge room, where the chance of getting a fish hook in the hand is practically zero.

This New To DVD release is now available at DVDLand.

The Australian 3D Experience

Remember when 3D movies used to involve blue and red cellophane cardboard glasses and special effects which mostly consisted of a toy Godzilla destroying a miniature city? Well if you do, you can also remember how we thought it was fantastic, bad special effects leaping out of the TV screen and making you think it was going to poke your eye out; we were easily pleased. Things have gotten a little bit more sophisticated since then. Now we have 3D TVs and 3D Blu Ray players that come with futuristic glasses that are much smarter than we are.  Turn on your 3D glasses and your TV will know exactly when flash a bit of light that basically tells each eye to see the picture slightly differently to create illusion of depth.

Now I know that this is hardly a comprehensive technical explanation but let’s face it, for the viewer, it’s not really about how it works but how awesome it looks. To be able to see a Blu Ray in 3D puts you right in the action and lets you see things in the depth of a scene that you may not notice in a 2D movie.  Details become clearer and everything just seems more real.  The 3D experience can cover everything from nature documentaries, action movies, sci fi and animated movies.  Whatever kind of Blu Ray you like you will probably now find a 3D Blu Ray to satisfy.

Live action 3D Blu Rays such as The Hobbit and Great Gatsby are spectacular in 3D, giving you a vivid sense of reality to the story. But personally I think that animated 3D Blu Rays are where you really get to enjoy the 3D technology and you really can’t go past Avatar as the ultimate 3D experience.  James Cameron may have created the world of Pandora, but 3D Blu Ray allows us to really become a part of the fantasy.  So grab a 3D Blu Ray online and sit back and let your clever 3D TV really take you into the story.