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Michelle Bridges Australian Home Fitness

Christmas is well and truly behind us now, doesn’t time fly?  Now wouldn’t it be great if the holiday kilos came off as fast. Unfortunately the weight never leaves as easily and as quickly as it goes on.  Not that I’m complaining about putting on a few kilos, I knew exactly what would happen when I ate all those Christmas goodies.  For example, I was well aware that lemon pound cake with cream cheese icing wasn’t the healthiest breakfast option, but it definitely was a yummy one.   But no more cake for breakfast (sad face), it’s time to lose some kilos.  The first thing that I did was grab some Michelle Bridges DVDs online. Now the Biggest Loser is back on the TV I have found my motivation, if they can lose that much weight in a week, surely I can lose a couple of kilos?

However, let’s be practical about this.  I got the Michelle Bridges DVD so I can get trained by someone who knows what they are doing without making me get up early for the boot camps.  It’s still too hot to exercise outside, so this way I can work out inside in the lounge room with the air conditioning on.  If you think about it I’m also making sure that I don’t get sunburnt as well, another plus – no skin cancer.

Also I don’t have a fancy gym outfit to wear if I go down to the park.  Have you noticed that working out has become much more glamorous these days?  Going for a walk now is like getting ready for a big night out.  You have to make sure that your shoes match your outfit. You need the right accessories, iPhone strapped to your arm and wearing cool headphones.  I’m still at the baggy t-shirt, shorts and worn out trainers stage.

But for now it’s just me and Michelle Bridges working out in the air conditioned comfort of the lounge room.  So now I have a personal trainer, at a fraction of the cost and I can work out when I want. All with the added benefit of a personal trainer that’s actually on a DVD, she doesn’t judge me for my long term fitness goal. Some people have a goal of running a marathon or a triathlon.  Mine is a little simpler and it involves lemon pound cake, next Christmas and breakfast.

Shirley Temple passes away aged 85

Shirley Temple was one of America’s, and the world’s, most loved actresses.  A remarkable feat considering Shirley Temple had already made the bulk of her movies by the time she was 21.  Shirley Temple was the definition of child star, born in 1928, she was dancing in low budget films when she was only 3 ½ years old. By 1940 she had made 43 films.

Shirley was the little girl with curly blonde hair that captured America’s heart in a time of immense struggle.  The Great Depression had started in 1928 with the Wall Street stock market crash. Shirley was a symbol of hope with her youthful optimism and vibrancy.  She became the personification of the dream of the public that times could and would improve.

Her films became instant favourites with the public and the appetite for all things Shirley Temple was insatiable.  To have any Shirley Temple merchandise was a must, dolls, hats, dresses, mugs; anything with Shirley’s picture on it was a hit. Given the economic struggles at the time it showed just how popular she was.

Her films are now classic movies of the time and are just as popular today.  Movies such as Heidi, Baby Take a Bow, Bright Eyes (which famously introduced the song ‘On The Good Ship Lollipop’), Dimples, Stowaway and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm are just a select few of her huge body of work.

Unfortunately, as Shirley grew older she became less popular with the movie going public, as she was not the little girl with dimples anymore.  However Shirley did not let this stop her from becoming a force for change in the world.  She turned her attention to community and helping others, especially the world’s youth.  She worked with the United Nations, was ambassador to Ghana in the 1970’s, and ambassador to Czechoslovakia during the collapse of Communism in 1989.

Shirley Temple showed that she was never going to become a stereotypical child actor that cannot get past their childhood achievements.  She forged a political and humanitarian career where she used her fame to help others, while at the same time maintaining a 55 year long marriage and a happy family.

Shirley Temple passed away on 10th February 2014 at age 85.  She was a person that captivated so many with her films, her humanitarian work and her efforts to make a real difference in the world. Her work lives on in DVDs and in our memories.