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December 2018 DVD Releases Now In Store

Christmas is here and the December 2018 DVD releases are now in store. Take a look at some of these great stocking stuffers.

Handmaid’s Tale Season 2
Our favourite dystopian TV series is back for the second season. More conflicts, more intrigues, more despair. Will there be hope?

Offred escapes punishment because of her pregnancy. And while she escapes, Fred authorizes an intensive search. Offred is caught and has to choose between imprisonment and execution, or continuing her duties as a handmaid. Under the oppressive rule in Gilead which leads to her misery, Offred makes a promise to escape with her child.

The Pacific: In The Wake Of Captain Cook
Captain James Cook’s nautical voyage led to the exploration of a new world. Not only was this man a daring seafarer, he was also a very detailed cartographer who was able to put into map the islands in the Pacific region. His end, however, was a brutal one.

Sam Niell takes us into the journey that Captain James Cook embarked centuries years ago. Niell also explores with viewers the cultures of the people in the islands Cook had visited, as well as shares his insights regarding this great navigator and explorer.

The Bridge Season 4
The fourth and final season of this Scandinavian crime TV series is as action-packed as the first three seasons.

Saga Noren is released from prison after a retrial. The murder of a director general leads Henrik Sabroe to investigate the case. Saga reckons that the murders are done through methods used to execute sentenced prisoners, and she deduces that four more will be killed. She also realizes that the murder cases are related to a gang member. On a personal note, Saga also seeks counseling with a therapist.

Christopher Robin
Ewan McGregor stars as the eponymous character in this exciting Disney movie that the whole family is sure to love and enjoy.

Christopher Robin is all grown up, and is now a family man. Upon adulthood, the expectations of life makes one lose his inner childhood. Gone were the exciting days in the Hundred Acre Wood with his charming stuffed animal buddies. A chance encounter (and reunion) with his best friend Winnie the Pooh awakens the child in him, gets him closer to his family, and even provides inspiration at work.

Ladies In Black
The Ladies In Black DVD is an Aussie comedy-drama film tells the story of Sydney department store workers in the summer of 1959. This film is based by Madeleine St. John’s 1993 novel “The Women in Black.” The coming-of-age movie is set during the time of the progressive movement and women’s liberation in Australia.