One Direction Tour

One Direction. Two simple words that seem to make teenage girls cry spontaneously. One Direction fans seem to speak another language, whether it is about which of 1D (shorthand, for those in the know) has the best hair, whether Harry or Niall has the best voice or which one they love the best and why.  Well, whether you understand the intricate details of the One Direction band members or not, you can’t escape the fact that their faces are everywhere and on everything.  And right now they are here in Australia.

Currently touring the country, they are creating mass hysteria with fans everywhere they go.  With sold out shows, and fans staking out hotels it’s clear that One Direction is this generation’s boy band phenomena.  One Direction is the product of another global phenomenon, X Factor. Individually, none of the One Direction members made it very far until they formed a group to continue in the competition. And even then they only came third. But after signing a record deal the rest, as they say, is history.

One Direction’s massive popularity has been fuelled by social media, and it doesn’t hurt that they are all good looking boys-next-door that every girl wants as a boyfriend and every mum wants as a son-in-law.  By using social media well, the boys have made an emotional and personal connection with their fans.  This connection has created fierce fan loyalty as fans feel that they are very close to the band members.  The boys use Twitter to share their everyday experiences with fans, presenting themselves as just typical teenagers that just happen to be mega stars. The fans can’t get enough. The Australian concerts were sold out over a year ago within minutes of going on sale. 1D has also just announced they are releasing their third album, Midnight Memories, which will no doubt be another top seller along with their music DVDs.

Whether you are an avid 1D fan, or a parent that needs to do some research in order to try and make sense of your teenager’s constant One Direction conversations, grab some One Direction DVDs online and discover more about these five British boys that are taking over the world.

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