Andre Rieu DVDs

Andre Rieu DVDs continue to be so popular. Andre Rieu has proved all his Australian critics wrong with continuing to release his DVDs that immediately go to the top of the music DVD charts.

Why does he remain so popular when similar artists have fallen away to next be seen on ‘Where Are They Now’? It’s a little difficult to say but Andre Rieu really does have a unique style and his Dutch sense of humour really resonates with Aussies. He really is quite hilarious. He’s quirky, a little strange but most importantly he’s incredibly talented both as a musician, conductor and entertainer.

Andre Rieu remains huge in Europe and also has a huge Australian following. Those that have seen an Australian Andre Rieu concert go back time and time again. Critics say its like an open air RSL show which really isn’t fair when you see the elaborate sets and huge orchestra and guest stars he brings. Let’s face it, he’s not marketed at teenagers or even twenty-somethings for that matter. But for the over 40’s he’s absolutely huge. In saying that however, a lot of twenty-somethings buy his DVDs, not to watch but to give as gifts for their parents and grandparents that love Andre.

Andre’s son is now in charge of set design which has taken his sets from elaborate to well over the top. In a recent concert series he built a replica castle to play out of in the stadiums. Then when he’s finished playing in that city, the team packs up and builds it all again at the next stadium

This week sees the latest Andre Rieu DVD released: Rieu Royale which is best explained by Andre’s quote:
‘The most beautiful day of my musical career and the crowning glory of my work’.
After sneaking a peak of this new Music DVD it’s easy to see why he would go on the record with such a huge statement. Yes, Andre is well known for his, shall we say, less than modest statements. It’s a part of his charm, but this April 2013 Amsterdam concert with the Johann Orchestra will not disappoint.

It appears the Andre Rieu DVD juggernaut will continue for a long time yet. With dozens of his music DVDs back catalog still selling well and with his new Andre Rieu Royale DVD set to go straight to the number one position next week. It’s hard to resist an Andre Rieu DVD so I guess why try. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.


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