Bones season 11 DVD – Best season yet?

It’s here, the Bones season 11 DVD. Is it the best season yet or are we getting tired of Booth and Bones? Series 11 is now available to order on DVD

A lot of TV series come and go. Some are forgettable, while some fill us with nostalgia. Some are meh, while some go down forever in history as having a cult following. Some movies even give a nod to famous TV series! There are a few that only get to have a few episodes before being cancelled, while some get only a season. A TV series is really good if it gets a second, third, or fourth season, but we know that a series is incredibly magnificent if it gets to cross past the tenth season!

American crime procedural drama “Bones” is one of the TV series that has reached past the tenth. In fact, it is already in the 11th season. And oh, there is already an incoming 12th season next year! Season 11 is the best season yet, and fans definitely aren’t tired of Agent Seeley Booth (who you may remember from Buffy The Vampire Slayer and his spinoff Angel) and Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan! What’s more, there are exciting personal matters that fans should watch out for in this season. How could you not love this TV series when the story is executed at a nice, steady pace, and the story is credible and based on actual forensic archeological and forensic anthropological practices? No wonder this TV series has been airing triumphantly since 2005! You shouldn’t miss this opportunity to pre-order Bones Series 11 DVD so you can have something to indulge with your friends come December!

Many changes occur in the 11th season, regarding Booth and Brennan’s lives in and out of work. Will Booth and Brennan still have some frictions in matters of faith and Scientific facts? Will Brennan still be out of the loop regarding pop-culture references? What about the staff at Jeffersonian? Can they deal with the changes? If so, how can they deal with all of it? James Aubrey is taking a very active role now in the FBI and ready to take on cases to solve. Another notable happening in Season 11 is the crossover with another Fox series involving a case in Halloween. Two TV series in a single episode? That’s just the coolest, yeah?

Order your very own Bones Series 11 DVD right now. And yes, you will receive your copy straight to your door on the day of release. And what’s good about the DVD version? You’ll get to play it all over again in the comfort of your own living room. No need for internet connection too! You’ll get high-definition picture, crisp sound, and more special features on DVD that you won’t get any other way. Bones Series 11 DVD is a good investment, so order now!