December 2019 releases in store now

It’s that time when we hustle about, getting gifts for our favourite people. Do you have some gifts in mind? If you haven’t yet, here are exciting titles that make good presents. And oh, giving yourself a gift is counted, so you can splurge for yourself and watch at the comfort of your own home.

Game Of Thrones Season 8

Winter is finally here, but that will also means that our favourite characters will have to say goodbye.

A great war is looming over Winterfell. Many of the main characters band together to fight against the Night King and his minions. The battle ends, but Westeros has yet to undergo further unrest as the battle for the Iron Throne continues to the end. Everyone loves a Game Of Thrones DVD.

Catherine The Great

Helen Mirren shines as she portrays the influential Russian empress Catherine The Great in this mini-series. The series is based on the empress’s last years of life from around 1764 to 1796.

Russia experiences expansion under the leadership of Catherine The Great, the longest-ruling female leader in the country. Politics is a thorny road filled with controveries, intrigues, and conflicts. However, the expansion through wars and diplomacy is also with the help of the military men and nobles, but most especially Grigory Potemkin (Jason Clarke) who is dedicated and loyal to the empress.

Downton Abbey 2019

For you avid fans of the historical TV series, we are very certain that you’re going to love the movie. This movie is a continuation of the storyline of the final season of the TV series. Did you miss the Crawley family? We’re sure you do because we do too.

The movie is set in 1927, a year and a half following the end of the sixth season. Downton Abbey receives a surprise with an announcement that King George V and Queen Mary will come for a visit. With the arrival of the members of the royal household, routines are throne away, and the resident servants are at a disadvantage. Preparations are taken for the arrival of the royalty, but not without defiance. Will things turn out grand just in time for the dinner with the King and Queen?

Danger Close: The Battle Of Long Tan

This Aussie masterpiece is highly recommended for viewers who love drama and war films. Another reason why this movie is a good suggestion: international fans will get to know a not-very-well-know story during the Vietnam War.