October 2017 DVD Releases

October 2017 DVD Releases

We have great stuff released this month. Check out some of them below

AFL 2017 Grand Final DVD

The best footy DVD of the year is here with the full and complete AFL Grand Final DVD now in store. What a big win it was for the Richmond Tigers with their fairy tale win over Adelaide. Own the game forever on DVD now or grab the Victory Pack also on our website.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Tom Holland is back in his role as Spider-Man. If you have seen the trailer, you might be surprised to see Robert Downey Jr.’s appearance in the movie.

This amazing Marvel movie depicts Holland as the young Peter Parker who must manage his time between being an ordinary young man who, like every other young person out there, goes to school, and being a web-slinging superhero. What will he do when his best friend Ned discovers his alter-ego? And a character in the person of Tony Stark aka Iron Man acts as mentor to our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. With a dangerous villain out there, Peter Parker will realize that being a superhero is a great responsibility indeed.

Jon Watts directs this awesome flick.

Deadliest Catch Season 13

Documentaries are where some of the most exciting and thrilling events happen because nothing compares to real life. We shall follow our fishing folks as they dare the Bering Sea in the autumn season. Every fisherman and every captain knows every danger lurking in this kind of work, but that doesn’t stop each man to do the job: crab fishing.

And there is more drama waiting for viewers in the thirteenth season. One cast has a heart attack while on deck, and a rescue ensues. Even with the US Coast Guard on standby and with updated safety regulations, crab fishing still remains an unsafe business, with the documentary showing more brutal moments in board. Even hurricanes threaten each fleet. Who knows what other dangers these fishermen will come across while searching for crabs?

Versailles Season 2

One of the most beautiful evidence of French architecture is the Palace of Versailles, the brainchild of the monarch King Louis XIV. And it is this magnificent palace that is the inspiration for this TV series.

The court is transferred from Paris to the king’s father’s former hunting lodge, but what is supposed to be a glorious chateau is actually a prison where secrets of the royalty and the nobles are exposed. Hence the bright side and the dark side of this palace is revealed.

Andre Rieu Shall We Dance DVD

We all know someone who loves an Andre Rieu DVD. And now we have his latest DVD in store. And what’s even better is it comes with a bonus CD too. It’s a great Christmas gift idea for all Andre Fans.