October 2018 DVD Releases Now In Store

October 2018 releases

All our October 2018 releases are now in store. Starting with one of the biggest releases of the year with Heartland series 11.

Heartland Season 11

This heartwarming TV series is for equestrians, animal lovers, and drama lovers alike. With Heartland now on its eleventh season, it means that the series is getting even better.

A baby is the new family member in Heartland. The information regarding the breed of a horse brings in an additional problem. Friends must learn from Amy how to connect with a horse, and Amy needs to organize everything so she can join Ty in a work-related travel. A high school reunion is coming up, and Lou plans to organize the event for deep-seated personal reasons. Now we can’t wait for the Heartland season 12 DVD.

Tea With The Dames

Great actresses come together to reminisce about long-time friendships and careers spanning decades. Let’s sit down together and enjoy this lovely documentary, “Tea With The Dames.”

In this exquisite and picturesque English countryside, actresses Eileen Atkins, Maggie Smith, Joan Plowright, and Judi Dench sit down and talk about their professional careers, and their lives’ struggles, failures, and victories. For once, they let the cameras get a look at them as themselves instead of the characters that they portray throughout the years. This astonishing documentary is directed by Roger Michell, whose masterpieces include “Notting Hill” and “My Cousin Rachel.”

The Son

This captivating TV series stars Pierce Brosnan as the Texan ranch baron and oil business magnate, Eli McCullough.

This series, which is based on Philipp Meyer’s 2013 novel, is about Eli McCullough’s life and the hurdles that he had to overcome to become that person of money and power. Interwoven in the series are episodes of Eli’s life as a young man. When one succumbs to his ambition, the rise to power is difficult, dirty, bloody, and nothing sort of innocent.

Unforgotten Season 3

Indeed, no matter what country, police procedural dramas will never go out of style. Fans all over the world have a lot of titles to choose from, and we are really sure a lot have “Unforgotten” in their list. You’ll love the third season of this British crime TV series.

Detectives Cassie Stuart and Sunny Khan are tasked to look at the case of a body found in a motorway. The body belonged to a female teen who was gone during the holidays in 1999. Throughout the season, these two detectives untangle the mystery that shrouded the case. Who is Hayley Reid, and who killed her?

The Durrells Season 3

Our beloved Corfu friends are back on the third season of “The Durrells.” This rustic island is the backdrop for this heartfelt series, based on the life of the real Durrells.

The family has a problem as to who among Leslie’s girlfriends should be welcomed into the household, as each family member plays favourites. Who does Leslie end up with? Aunt Hermione dies, and the family thinks that they should sacrifice a goat to let her soul rest in peace. A new family arrives in Corfu, and Louisa feels jealous as Spiros spends time with the newcomers. When a traveling circus comes to the island, someone in the family falls in love.