Outlander volume 2 DVD

Outlander series 1 part 2 DVD now available to order.
Who would not want to go back and change history? Who would not want to go back and change your own past? If time traveling actually happens in the real world, then people will no longer linger on the what if’s and just travel back in time. But then again, time moves forward, and no one can turn back time. What we really wish for in real life would only happen in fiction. There’s no harm in dreaming, right?

Time traveling is such an awesome idea used in fiction. There are a lot of movies, TV series, cartoons, or even novels that tackle on time travel. Because time travel is not easily explained, such a story involving that idea always fall under science fiction and fantasy genres. The author of the story should be prepared to explain how it goes. And because time travel is not usual, it is mysterious; hence, such stories will also be categorized under the mystery genre. Incorporate the romantic genre to make the story interesting. With time travel, the author should also be prepared to research intensively on history (historical fiction). If an author is being able to combine all genre seamlessly in his or her story, and if the author can capture the attention of the crowd, there is no need to wonder why such author gathers a lot of fans.

One author who amazingly wrote a lovely tale about a woman who traveled back is Diana Gabaldon, who wrote the Outlander series of novels. For more than two decades, she had written eight novels which chronicle the adventures of Claire Randall, a British nurse in World War II who traveled back as far as 1743 in Scotland. Aside from meeting influential historical figures, Claire also met the descendant of her 20th century husband, as well as the love of her life, James Fraser, a Scottish Highland warrior. Combine war, intrigue, and gore with a beautiful landscape. Who would not want to watch this series?

Because of the grip it has on readers, the first novel was adapted into a television series in UK. The first season of “Outlander” has 16 episodes, spanning from 9 August of 2014 until 30 of May this year. The series even got a 91 % “certified fresh” rating in Rotten Tomatoes. And fans love the series because it stays faithful to the original source. And when you’re a fan, you’ll love an adaptation to be as faithful and close as possible. It will be too bad if an adaptation does not seem to follow the source material at all.

Outlander series also garnered certain nominations and awards from different award-giving associations. That’s how much people are enamored with this TV hit! There’s good news to fans out there, for the second season with 13 episodes is already approved by Starz. The second season will be based on the second installment of the novel series, “Dragonfly in Amber.”

While waiting for the second season, make good use of your time by pre-ordering the second part of the first season of “Outlander.” Outlander Season 1 Part 2 DVD will be released here in Australia next month. You don’t have to wait for long to have a copy of this incredible series in the palm of your hands! Complete your series 1 collection by pre-ordering Outlander Season 1 Part 2 DVD or order the Outlander complete season 1 DVD! This is a great gift you can offer yourself. You deserve this!

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