Paul Walker dead at 40

Paul Walker died today aged 40. The actor known for his work in the Fast & Furious movies died this afternoon in a car crash in Southern California. Paul Walker starred in all of the six Fast and Furious films except Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift.

While Paul Walker was well known for these action films, he had an established body of work that included very early guest spots on Who’s The Boss and Highway to Heaven, serious drama in Flags Of Our Fathers and the quirky Pleasantville amongst many others. At only age 40 he leaves us a huge back catalogue of great DVDs.

Paul Walker had only just turned 40 and was on his way to a charity event in California when his Porsche had an accident.  Walker was also an avid race car driver and had a love of cars. This will go down as one of the huge losses for Hollywood, not unlike the untimely death of James Dean, who passed away when his Porsche Spyder was in an accident in on his way to auto rally in California in 1955.

Paul Walker was known for being a Hollywood heartthrob and had developed almost a cult like following with his work on the Fast and Furious films including the New DVD Release Fast & Furious 6.  Given his appeal and that of co-star Vin Diesel combined with fast cars and action, these films were guaranteed to appeal to both men and women alike.

Walker was currently filming Fast and Furious 7 due for release next year, so it will now be up to the producers and directors to decide how they will deal with this tragedy in the context of the movie.  Hopefully they will treat it with the class that producers of The Dark Knight did when Heath Ledger passed away during it’s filming in 2008.

He will be an actor missed by many and will have many fans across the globe devasted by this tragic news today.

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