Robin Williams Final Movie May Never Be Seen?

Surely it can’t be. Reports are coming in that Robin William’s final movie Boulevard may never be released. And it’s not a dog of a movie either, it looks like to be a powerful drama that would be fitting as a final curtain call of the talented late actor.

Boulevard co stars Kathy Baker and Bob Odenkirk, written by Douglas Soesbe and directed by Dito Montiel. Williams plays Nolan Mack a gay man coming to grips with his sexuality during mid life. Nolan hires a male prostitute who he initial develops a crush on that grows deeper and deeper. Kathy Baker plays his wife who you may remember from Picket Fences.

The movie is already in the can but struggling to find funding for distribution which is very hard to believe considering the consumer appetite for a final dramatic movie from one of the world’s favourite actors. The unfinished product was shown to a group of critics who raved about it so it’s hard to see why it’s struggling for distribution funding. We trust this isn’t a media stunt to gain extra attention but surely they wouldn’t be that disrespectful to Robin’s legacy? As these media reports start to circulate we won’t be surprised to see someone pick the film up but if you believe the experts this movie may never be seen on the big screen but at least we can hope for a straight to DVD release in 2015.

Whilst Boulevard was Robin’s final drama, his final comedy A Merry Friggin Christmas DVD will be out for Christmas, not surprisingly. In this one he stars alongside Lauren Graham and Wendi McLendon-Covey. It’s one of those estranged families get together for Christmas movies. Whilst you wouldn’t watch this movie 9 months of the year, it is quite a funny movie to watch over the holiday season where Robin’s character realises he’s left his son’s gifts at home so he tries an 8 hour drive home and back in time for Christmas morning.

We do hope Boulevard will eventually be seen, if not on the big screen, at least on DVD and Blu Ray. Those few that have watched it liken the performance Good Will Hunting which may be an overstatement but I guess none of us know until we see. Fingers crossed for some good news soon.