The Passing Of Robin Williams & Lauren Becall

This week we have lost two of Hollywood’s greats. Both Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall have passed away. For two people that could not have been more different, they will both be very much missed.

Robin Williams was a diverse, complex, exhausting and hilarious actor. He brought to the screen, both on TV and in film, a frenetic comedic energy that was pure genius. From his beginnings on the Mork and Mindy TV show which is still available on DVD, to Good Morning Vietnam, to the Angriest Man In Brooklyn he has delighted audiences. When you were watching Robin doing comedic roles you always got the feeling that he was making it up as he went along and that his co-stars were always on the verge of laughing out loud when something unexpected happened. That was one of the greatest qualities about Robin Williams, he made you feel like you were watching pure spontaneity and that you were part of the fun.

He also proved to us that he could be dramatic, starring in some of the most powerful movies of our generation. Dead Poets Society was one of the most influential movies of the early 1990s, it changed the perspective of many a teenager and their view of the world. It also made the phrase Carpe Diem (seize the day) part of our everyday language.

Good Will Hunting earned Robin Williams his only Oscar, validating that his dramatic movie work was powerful and brilliant, as was his comedy.

Robin Williams was clearly a brilliant mind that was incredibly gifted. However, it seems that genius has come at a heavy price. He has given us a legacy of incredible comedy and powerful drama to continue to enjoy.

In other sad news, Lauren Bacall has passed away. She was a Hollywood icon and starred in some of the great films of the 20th century.   Lauren Bacall was glamorous and seductive and was a joy to watch on the silver screen in her film noir roles. She starred alongside Humphrey Bogart in many films including The Big Sleep and Key Largo. They also married, despite him being 25 years her senior, and they were married for 11 years until his death in 1957.

Lauren Bacall’s career spanned 70 years during much change in the film industry and throughout she remained sophisticated and dignified. She was the perfect example of a true Hollywood legend.
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