This weeks Australian box office

This week’s top 5 movies at the Australian box office.

It’s the middle of the week, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong in planning for the weekend. If you didn’t visit the cinema last week (or if you haven’t for ages), then we can give you some cool info on what you can watch this weekend.

Minions and Inside Out are still going strong in Aussie cinemas and are still clinging to the Top 10 movies of the week! But you can skip them and order them on DVD now.

And now, we are going to dish out this week’s Top 5 movies that are sizzling at the Aussie box office! This is fresh and hot, straight from the latest charts.

#5 – Ant-Man
This week opens with Marvel Comics’ “Ant-Man” in the fifth spot, dropping three notches from number 2 last week. It had a weekend gross of $672,152. Who said we had too many Marvel DVDs recently?

If you haven’t any idea what Ant-Man is about, this movie is about Scott Lang, who dons a super-suit that allows him to shrink his size and augment his power. He helps the developer of the suit, Dr. Hank Pym, and trains under him to protect the technology against people who are deeming to use it for evil means. It’s a good movie about second chances and turning over a new leaf. And hey, who says you can’t be a hero just because you’re the size of an ant? This movie is a must-see, if you haven’t yet. The character isn’t as famous as the other Marvel characters like Iron Man and Thor but well worth a watch.

#4 – Last Cab to Darwin
It’s great to see an Aussie in the top 5. This new movie is at number 4 this week, with a weekend gross of $851,921. So, what makes this movie a must-see?

You see, this movie is about a man who must come to terms with the end of his life and meet it as he wants to when he was told he isn’t going to live long. But before he dies, he embarks on a journey from Broken Hill to Darwin. Along his journey, he discovers that he has to make the most of his life.

#3 – Fantastic Four
Yes, again. A new take on the Marvel Comics reboot debuts at number 3 in the Aussie box office, and we’re talking about “Fantastic Four.”

This movie tells about four individuals who must use their superpowers which they gain while being transported to an alternate universe. And in this universe, they have to face and fight a friend who now has some bad blood with them.

Despite the negative reviews from critics and low ratings in IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, it should not deter you from watching this awesome superhero action flick! Fantastic Four had a weekend gross of $1,943,963.

#2 – Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
Tom Cruise is still definitely relevant, even though his movie drops a spot this week from being number 1 last week. But hey, it might still climb back to number 1! Now that would be mission impossible.

Tom Cruise still continues to get raves as Ethan Hunt, who, with his team, must stop a new enemy called the Syndicate. Just what is the Syndicate? If you haven’t watched this yet, where have you been?

#1 – Trainwreck
Jumping 2 places from number 3 last week to the top spot this week is Trainwreck.

Who says romantic comedies are so passe? RomComs still lead the date night cinema visits. With many people falling in love everyday, romcoms just never gets out of style.

What is this movie about? It’s about Amy, a writer for a men’s magazine and a woman who is afraid of commitment. Despite not wanting the assignment initially, she meets to interview a sports doctor, who just might teach her about a thing or two on what monogamy really is about. It sounds like a cliche movie and that’s a fair criticism, but what makes this movie so popular? Oh, you should watch this to see for yourself! (And here’s an extra for basketball fans out there: LeBron James play as himself in the movie.)

There goes our top 5 movies this week. Hope you get to enjoy your weekend coming up with some cool movies that are sure to bring the movie house down!