This Weeks Best New Releases 24/8/15

We have a bunch of great New Release DVDs coming out this week. If you’re planning on a DVD marathon this week here’s the pick of the bunch of these week’s best new release DVDs.

#5 – NCIS LA Season 6
If your idea of an interesting Friday night is a military-police procedural drama instead of going to the club, then NCIS is a great treat for you! Millions around the world are hooked on this show. Some of us in the office think this is better that the original NCIS show because of the high tech stuff or it may be because Chris O’Donnell is easy to watch.

#4 – Longest Ride
This can be criticised as a chick flick but it’s a hugely popular chick flick ready to make your romantic weekend . This movie received negative reviews from critics, but nah, forget about Rotten Tomatoes see it for yourself and tell us what you think.

#3 – Two Strong Hearts Newton-John & Farnham
The collaboration from the Aussie music royalty should not be missed! If you didn’t see their sold-out concert series, now is the time to own your very own Two Strong Hearts Newton-John & Farnham DVD! Fantastic Father’s Day gift idea. It’s been described as The Main Event mark 2 or a John Farnham concert now with added Olivia but whilst it’s fair to say they are a little passed their best, their voices are still so good and so entertaining. This one is already in stock and available for same-day dispatch.

#2 – Wayward Pines
This is the surprise packet of the year. Not many saw this one coming as being so popular but it has been and for good reason. It’s not the normal type show, some of us here have likened it a bit to Twin Peaks from the 1990s where you’re really second guessing what is really happening.

Once you come in to Wayward Pines, you can never go out. How will Ethan Burke solve the mystery in Wayward Pines? Why do people behave like they do? For people who try to escape, what prevents them from doing so? And what is this they call the ‘reckoning’? This one will keep you guessing all the way through. Are the bad guys really the bad guys or are they the good guys. No spoilers here, binge watch this one this weekend.

#1 – NCIS Season 12
No surprises here with NCIS Season 12 dominating the top spot in this week’s new releases. Gibbs is back in this epic TV show that some how keeps getting better. We all know this show by now and it’s already in store and available for same day dispatch.

That’s the best of this week’s releases but there are dozens more new releases out this week you’ll find on our website.