Top 10 Reasons to Shop Australian This Christmas

This Christmas we have more choice than ever before. Whether we shop offline or online, whether we purchase from Australian online stores or overseas stores.

Firstly, I do declare an interest, as an employee of DVDLand. DVDLand is a fully Australian store located within Australia, on Queensland’s Gold Coast and supports Australians and Australian jobs. We’re proud to be a 100% fully Australian store.

Our top 10 reasons to shop Australian this Christmas.

  1. It supports Australia and Australian jobs. I guess this was the obvious number one reason but it’s easy to forget that when we shop within Australia your dollars supports our economy which supports Aussie jobs.
  2. The product’s quality. You know by purchasing within our country you’re purchasing quality and not a cheap import.
  3. Aussie service. You know you’re dealing with Aussies that provide great local service.
  4. Fast delivery. I guess this one is obvious too but we often forget to factor this in to our shopping decisions. Australian stores, on average will get your order to you faster simply due to the distance your order travels.
  5. You know the product is made for Australia. This is particularly important for DVDs as imported DVDs are not made for our DVD players and may not play in your DVD player. This is the number one reason to purchase the Game Of Thrones DVD at DVDLand.
  6. Easier to contact. Australian stores are easier to contact being local.
  7. It feels good. It feels good to support Australia, doesn’t it.
  8. When shopping within Australian you are covered by our consumer rights. When shopping internationally you have no rights that you automatically get from Australian stores.
  9. Why not. If the product is the same and price is similar, why wouldn’t you shop locally?
  10. Santa shops in Oz. Don’t believe me, ask him next time you see him (though don’t bother him now, he’s got a lot on his plate right now).

One final tip. Before ordering, check the store really is Australian. There are plenty of stores out there pretending to be Australian that look Aussie, but aren’t. Don’t assume just because they quote prices in Australian dollars or have a address that they are Aussie. Check the address on the store’s website is an Australian address and check they have an ABN quoted on their website and make sure GST is quoted on your order.
Have fun shopping this holiday season and from all of us at DVDLand, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.