World Cup 2014

We are right in the middle of the World Cup in Brazil. Football is the world game, unless you’re Australian, in defiance of the rest of the world we still call it soccer. We even call our team the Socceroos which may be a tactic to confuse the other competitors. Maybe it’s our way of saying that we do things differently here in Australia, like have players that aren’t paid millions of dollars, we do it for the love of the game and national pride.

We may not have been considered a huge threat in the World Cup in Brazil but like any good underdog we like to keep the big boys guessing. By having players that aren’t well known on the world stage no one knows what we are capable of. We gave the Netherlands a scare. Spain may have beaten us 3-0, but it clearly shows that winning the World Cup in 2010 didn’t help them in 2014.

Amongst all the hype and excitement of the World Cup and soccer DVDs is the constant controversy surrounding FIFA and money. Football is a game that is worth a lot not only regarding players’ salaries but the tourism opportunity that comes with hosting a World Cup. It is a game that always has high stakes and is a business as much as a sport. For an insight into this world of money and sport take a look at How Much Is Enough DVD.

If Rugby League is more your thing, then the 2014 State Of Origin Series has been a cracker. After 8 years of domination Queensland have lost the 2014 State Of Origin series to NSW. The final game at Suncorp is the Queenslanders playing for state pride. Whether you are a Blues or Maroons supporter, you have to admit that NSW needed the win to breathe new life into Rugby League’s greatest rivalry. Supporters had forgotten the old rivalry and the anticipation each year of which team was going to dominate. Game 2 of this series was a hard fought victory like the games of old. Tough footy where NSW earned their victory in an epic battle. It’s worth a look back at some of the old State Of Origin games to appreciate what makes Origin the game it is today.

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