Abby Lee Millers ALDC Dance Moms

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What’s that? Maddie Ziegler and Abby Lee Miller might not be back for Dance Moms season 6?

Well, Maddie confessed that she might not return for the sixth season of Dance Moms, and she had not stated what will make her stay in the program should there be any. Filming for Season 5 has just ended, and the season is currently on air on the Lifetime channel in the US (Lifestyle channels here is Australia), but producing Season 6 seems like a while away. If Maddie chooses to go and dance her heart out on the world stage, maybe a Broadway star, or act in films instead of being in the ALDC (Abby Lee Dance Company), someone has to be chosen to be the new It Girl. And each mother will have to do everything, by hook or by crook, to make sure that her daughter becomes Abby’s new favourite. And we all know that can be a tough ask.

And that’s not all.

Dancing momma herself, Abby Lee Miller, expressed hesitation in going ahead with season 6 after some major money issues with Lifetime. Miller was quoted as saying that Lifetime still has financial obligations to her, which they need to fulfill before talks about Season 6 will start. And if ever a sixth season will be agreed upon, she wanted changes in her contract first. Another pet peeve that Miller eventually developed was the new production crew who disregarded the original intention of the show, which is about competitive dance. Creative differences between her and the producers of the show, addition of staged conflict, and producers disrespecting her are other reasons for Miller having thoughts of quitting the show.

But who exactly knows what will happen? Will there be a Season 6? Or will everything end in Season 5? There are two things certain in the current season: dance and drama.

Shows come and go, seasons do the same. While Season 5 of Dance Moms is still on air, here are some scoops from the inside. ALDC goes to Hollywood, where the kids will face new competitions and new dance studios. Dance choreographs are getting tougher, and mummy dramas are getting more intense than ever before. Hooray for Hollywood!

You may love or hate Abby Lee Miller (or continue to hate her until the end), but watching Dance Moms is always going to be fun. Why not relive all the dances and the conflicts at the comfort of your own home? Dance Moms DVD is available in all 5 seasons at DVDLand, Australia’s finest DVD store. And don’t forget to update your Dance Moms collection by pre-ordering the new Dance Moms Season 5 DVD.