Ted 2. The Thunder Buddies are back

Seth MacFarlane’s Ted 2 is now in cinemas!

In 2012, Seth MacFarlane’s “Ted” came to life! After a wish upon a shooting star, an inanimate teddy bear stuffed toy came to life and became the anthropomorphic Ted. Anyone who had seen the movie can tell that this was no ordinary stuffed toy movie. It was a stuffed toy movie set in an adult world where a cuddly teddy bear behaved like humans do, formed a bond of friendship with his owner and friend John Bennett, coveted attention, drank beer, fell in love, and got into all sorts of mischief. And we thought this was the end of it.

Back in 2012, however, MacFarlane himself confessed that a Ted sequel would be possible. Back in January 2013, even “Ted” star Mark Wahlberg remarked that plans had been made for the sequel when he was guest on Anderson Live. Finally, plans to release the sequel on 26 June of this year had been announced.

And indeed! It’s 2015, and Ted is back in cinemas this week with his most-anticipated sequel Ted 2 DVD. Mark Wahlberg returns to the screen as John Bennett, and Seth MacFarlane is back with more laughs as the eponymous Ted in “Ted 2.” Other recurring casts include Jessica Barth as Ted’s love interest, Tami-Lynn, and Patrick Warburton as John’s colleague, Guy. Joining this sequel are Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, and Amanda Seyfried. Guess who found a sequel budget?

Ted and Tami-Lynn eventually marry in this sequel, and the couple in love want to have their own baby. But, what now? Being a living teddy bear isn’t always a life of rainbows and unicorns, and Ted has his fair share of troubles too. Real husband trouble. How can he be a parent? How can he prove in a court of law that he is human when he looks just like any other teddy bears in stores? Well, one thing’s for sure. Ted’s going to need some help from John. After all, they’re thunder buddies for life!

Well, if you don’t want to keep on guessing, you better watch “Ted 2” because it is surely going to crack you up! Catch “Ted 2” in cinemas out this week! If you and your like-minded friends have nothing to do this weekend, this is your weekend treat! So, plan your weekend agenda now and include this funny movie of the year!

We are sure that, after watching the film, the teddy experience for “Ted 2” will still hover above your heads and deliver laughter among you and your friends, but here’s another really great news! Why don’t you pre-order Ted 2 DVD and Blu Ray now? You don’t want to miss this! If you already have the first movie, complete it with Ted 2 DVD! You’ll get the movie and more when you purchase this DVD. Heaps of added features and yes you own it for life. It’s always way better than streaming this movie online.

So, what’s stopping you? Set the date and watch “Ted 2,” and pre-order your very own copy of Ted 2 DVD so you’ll receive it right at your doorstep on its official Aussie release.