CSI End Date Announced

The date for the end of CSI has been announced so now’s the time to order the CSI Season 14 DVD.

What’s cooler than ice block? It’s a series where brilliant sleuths scientifically and systematically gather pieces of evidence, and critically process them to solve murder of different faces, no matter how organized and well-planned. Best of all, these forensic investigators put their expertise to very good use to catch criminals.

If you still think that forensic dramas only survive until a seventh or eighth season, here’s good news for you. Here’s one series that reaches its fifteenth season. And that series is no other than CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Because of its great scripting, great storyline, great acting, great casts, and great directing, CSI is one of the longest running primetime TV series in the United States, currently being the seventh. It is recognized internationally, has millions of viewers, and has been nominated for awards in the industry many times already. In fact, the show received nine awards! Fantastic!

The fifteenth season ended last February in the US, and instead of a sixteenth season, the show will conclude with a two-hour movie special this September before finally bidding the airwaves goodbye. But what if you had missed previous seasons? What if you had missed parts of the fourteenth season? There’s no need to fret! More plot twists are going on in Season 14, and we can’t help but give you some bits of teasers in here.

So, what exciting thing should you expect from CSI Season 14? Well, there’s more drama, more complicated plots, and more mysteries to be solved. Last season saw the abduction of Morgan Brody and Jim Brass’s daughter Ellie by a serial killer, and this season, the whole team, headed by D.B. Russell, must race with time to save them. The team must also use their smarts and science to hunt down serial killers and arsonists, unriddle a cannibalistic crime, recall past events to solve present ones, gather pieces of evidence in casinos, hotels, spas, airport runways, brothels, and any other scenes where crime had been committed, and solve seemingly unrelated crimes. Most of the episodes in the series show us how the CSI team put their crime-fighting sleuthing skills to the test, but what happens when D. B. Russell himself is held hostage? This season also paves the way to the pilot episode of the spin-off CSI: Cyber, and also closes the curtain for Jim Brass in his last appearance.

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