San Andreas hits Australian cinemas at number 1

It’s time To “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” in the new San Andreas Movie!

Dwayne Johnson’s San Andreas DVD blasted into Australian cinemas last week taking the top spot away from Mad Max Fury Road.

A lot of earthquakes have wrecked the surface of the earth, regardless of the type. Despite intensive studies on earthquakes, no one could still predict the occurrence of one. Though there were stories of animals not being themselves days or hours before the earthquake, there has been no lab study conducted regarding the connection of the behaviors that can be reproduced and the quake. The seismograph could only record the motion of the ground, even those that we cannot feel, but never can predict one. Because of the main fact that an earthquake is unpredictable, that it can strike anywhere and any time at different magnitudes, disaster preparedness professionals, official rescue teams, and associated agencies have developed a systematic technique that can prevent injuries and save lives.

That technique is called “drop, cover, and hold on” technique. When the earth shakes, immediately drop to the floor and crawl under a sturdy structure like a table. You should also cover your head and neck to prevent injuries. Because the ground shakes heavily in strong earthquakes, your table might even be dislodged from its place, so you need to hold on tight to its leg, and move along when the table moves out of place.

Other techniques that we know in the past are simply not useful and are just dangerous. One of those techniques is standing beside the door post. Next is running outside during the quake. That is because falling and flying debris from structures or any materials up the ceiling might just be the cause of your doom. The “triangle of life,” one which was popularized by a viral e-mail, is not even a safe precaution in an earthquake. Hence, the only method everybody should remember is to “drop, cover, and hold on.” But luckily Australia doesn’t have any fault lines.

The chance of survival is better with said technique. However, chances of survival is still great if the survivors are rescued immediately. If you are one of the rescuers who might have limited resources and a pile of rubble in front of you, it is a humongous task that all of you should be making. The time is ticking.

Speaking of earthquake and survival, an earth-shaking, jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, mind-blowing, and exhilarating movie hit cinemas last week! It’s time to save California with Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock as the movement of the San Andreas Fault causes a major cataclysm in this 2015 3D disaster film “San Andreas.” Johnson stars as Ray Gaines, a helicopter-rescue pilot stationed in the Los Angeles Fire Department. What started as a normal day for everyone becomes a nightmare when a magnitude 9.1 earthquake begins to rock and rip apart cities along the fault line. This is a nightmare in which there seems to be no escape, and the chances of survival range from slim to nil. Gaines, who had recently been divorced with his wife Emma (Carla Gugino), must work hand-in-hand with her to save their daughter, Blake (Alexandra Daddario), who is in San Francisco at the time of the quake. A journey from Los Angeles to San Francisco in a rescue mission is no piece of cake, but there’s nothing a parent won’t do for a child even in the midst of a major disaster.

This movie also stars Paul Giamatti, Will Yun Lee, Archie Panjabi, Ioan Gruffudd, Colton Haynes, Hugo Johnstone-Burt, Art Parkinson, Matt Gerald, Todd Williams, and Aussie’s very own Kylie Minogue. And here’s another bonus for Aussies to watch this film: most of the movie was filmed in Queensland. You might even recognize some places in the movie. How cool is that. Gold Coasters took The Rock as one of their own during the filming. While some stars filming in Australia may not have spent time away from the set (cough Johnny Depp cough), Dwayne Johnson became one of us while living on the Gold Coast and was seen enjoying the sights with our Kylie Minogue.

And here’s another surprise for the fans of this movie, for Dwayne Johnson fans, and for fans who simply want to add more action films in their collection. San Andreas DVD and San Andreas Blu Ray and 3D Blu Ray are now available to preorder at DVDLand, so it’s best to pre-order now so you’ll be the first on your block to get a copy of this prodigious film on its official Aussie release date. You’ll get tons of bonus features on the DVD with us that you cannot get from streaming the movie online. What’s more, you can watch this movie over and over again in the comforts of your own lounge and own it forever. You can watch it alone, and you can watch the movie again when your mate comes over. Cool, isn’t it?

So, what are you waiting for? Finish all your important appointments this week so you can get to see “San Andreas” movie in cinemas this weekend. And don’t forget to pre-order San Andreas DVD today! If you are working as a seismologist, and if you happen to see that the movie differs from your practice, just chill out, treat this as a cool blockbuster movie, and enjoy the film just as U.S. Geological Survey seismologist Lucile Jones did.