Disney’s Lion King back for a limited time

Disney’s Lion King re-released for a limited time on DVD and Blu Ray.

Ah, childhood! I miss those golden days!

Those were the days when we ran around and play like there’s no tomorrow. Those were the days when we were just being careless and carefree. Those were the days when we stayed up late playing video games, watching cartoons, doodling our favorite superheroes, or letting our imagination fly with fantastic, wild, and far-fetched stories. Those were the days when fun meant pool parties, camping out under the stars, the park, ice cream and hamburgers, and sleeping over with friends. Those were the days when we were dreaming big and dreaming freely, without even strategically planning how to get there. Childhood is a “hakuna matata” way of life.

And speaking of “hakuna matata,” this one’s good news to all Lion King fans out there! Simba and the rest of the pride are back with the re-release of The Lion King DVD one of the most popular Disney DVDs of all time. Witness Simba’s spectacular coming-of-age tale as he ventures from being a naive lion cub to being the rightful king of Pride Lands. Cherish the friendship of Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa in situations good and bad, in that hakuna matata way of theirs. Swoon over as Simba and Nala turn from childhood chums to something more. And behold as Simba learns the difference between trust and treachery, and learn what the “Circle of Life” really means. This Lion King DVD should have a lion’s share in your DVD collection.

Awaken the child in you and enjoy with the whole family by pre-ordering the re-release of this prodigious Disney classic. DVDLand is offering The Lion King DVD at a limited time only, so come on now and get it so you won’t miss out! Relive the Disney Renaissance and roar out to your heart’s content with Lion King DVD. Complete the triple fun by pre-ordering the re-released sequels Lion King 2 DVD and Lion King 3 DVD too.