Andre Rieu For Mothers Day

An All New Andre Rieu DVD for Mother’s Day

Let the Magic Of The Violin captivate Mum in this new Andre Rieu DVD for Mother’s Day.

Motherhood is a new chapter in a woman’s life. It changes her life forever. By being a mother, she no longer thinks for herself; instead, she puts her family at the top of her priority list. Motherhood brings in new responsibilities and challenges. It is not a bed of roses all the time, but the family’s joy is priceless, and the rewards for being a mother are endless. Let the sweet music accompany the joys and enjoyment of motherhood.

Still thinking of the perfect present for Mum this Mother’s Day? How about cooking her favourite dishes for a special Mother’s Day dinner? And while you’re at it, let the sweet and delightful sound of the violin capture her heart. While you can’t personally hire Andre Rieu to play his violin and the Johann Strauss Orchestra to accompany him, you can treat Mum with this new Andre Rieu DVD. “Magic of the Violin,” which is a jewel of a gift, will provide the perfect songs to serenade your Mum. Let Andre Rieu mesmerize Mum with his violin rendition of “You Raise Me Up” and “Air.” Let Andre Rieu enchant Mum to the music of “Romance in F” and “The Godfather Waltz.” All of these alluring songs for Mum are compiled in this new Andre Rieu DVD.

So many of us forget our Mother’s Day gifts until the last minute and end up in the rush for last minute flowers or chocolates but is that good enough for your Mum? Is a last minute stop at the servo the best way to show your Mum your love? Put a bit of thought into it this year. It’s easy to say but not necessarily easy to do in such busy times but we make it as easy as possible for you by placing your order now. We can gift wrap it for you and include a personal note and deliver it directly to Mum. You’ll make her day.

Mum works hard for us all year round. Isn’t it only right to give her a very special present? She deserves better, and she certainly deserves great stuff. Show your love and appreciation for Mum by giving her a gift that she can remember. Surprise her with the Andre Rieu Magic Of The Violin DVD today.