February 2018 DVD Releases

Heaps of great titles are in store this February. Check out these new releases.

Chicago Fire Season 5

Now is store is the best season of this show yet. The brave firefighters and paramedics are back for the fifth season. They continue to shine as they risk their lives to do their duty and save countless lives. When duty calls, personal lives take a back seat.

Stella discovers the escape of her ex-boyfriend from the psychiatric hold, and he is hunting her and Severide. Dawson goes back to Ambulance 61. Everyone at the Truck thinks that Jimmy is still grieving and mentally not ready, and it is a case of him vs them. Mouch and Brett are in hot water as they are forced to choose between their job and the novel that they worked together. Fire breaks out at a warehouse, leaving victims inside, and 51 goes to respond to the emergency.

Ice Road Truckers Season 11

This is also now in store. An unexpected occurrence happens in the 11th season.

After the demise of Darrell Ward, Lisa Kelly and rival company Polar make an alliance, thus turning foes to allies. Darrell’s 21-year-old son Reno takes over the business, but has to gain experience in learning to drive in harsh winter conditions. The new team dedicates this season for Darrell. And they continue to face unusual challenges along the way.


The Genius DVD is now in store. Einstein has become synonymous with the word “genius.” This drama TV series takes on the life of one of the greatest scientists who had major contributions to the scientific world.

The series dwells on the personal life of the physicist, such as his undertaking in getting a teaching post and a doctorate degree, his love affair with Mileva Maric, as well as the struggle between going to America with his second wife or staying behind with his Jewish colleagues.

The second part of the series focuses on his scientific breakthroughs, and how he wanted the world to acknowledge them.


The Algiers Motel incident in 1967 is the inspiration for this movie.

What started as a celebration at an unlicensed club ended up as a raid by the police. The event resulted to the 12th Street Riot. When peace and order couldn’t be upheld, federal troops entered the city through the authorization of Governor George W. Romney. R&B group The Dramatics, who were just in the city to score a contract, were attacked by rioters during their escape, thus forcing them to split up, with two men lodging at the Algiers Motel. What started as a scare tactic from one of the occupants of the motel turned into hell where a series of torture and abuses took place.

One major incident indeed could change the lives of so many people.


The Wonder DVD stayed at number one in the Aussie box office for weeks. Young actor Jacob Tremblay stars as Auggie Pullman in this heartwarming film based on a novel by RJ Palacio. Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson also star in this movie.

Home-schooled Auggie has to attend a private school for his middle school year, but due to his facial deformities, he finds it hard to fit in since he is ostracized. He experiences bullying from students and parents alike, but he also forms friendship and allies from other people who have learned to appreciate him.

Bad Moms 2

This hilarious movie is now in store and stars Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, and Kathryn Hahn, and focuses on the problems of overworked women who must deal with their visiting mothers during the Christmas season. But then, problems between each mother and daughter arise.

These are only a few a the great new releases now in store this month, so go and check them out.