New TV On DVD Blockbusters

Who doesn’t love TV series? These are the weekly guilty pleasure that you shouldn’t miss out. Watch it alone or with friends on a weekend. Binge-watch the whole series, or catch up on episodes you had missed.

These are the blockbusters now available to own on DVD.

Underbelly Chopper

The Underbelly Chopper DVD is one of the most popular releases of the year. We know Chopper the legend but do we really know Mark Chopper Reed? This is a must own DVD if ever there was.






Death In Paradise Season 7

Even paradise sees murder. And if the island of Saint Marie could speak, it would tell Jack Mooney of what it knows. A myriad cases come up, and DI Mooney utilizes his sleuthing skills to put each case to rest. Despite the formulaic plot of each episode, each episode still offers thrilling cases that are sure to be mind-boggling even for viewers.

A supposedly suicide case of a billionaire’s fiancee might not be what it seems, gauging from the victim’s fingernail. A finalist gets poisoned during a poker tournament. And then, there’s the death of a popular novelist. Through all these cases, who did it and why? It’s up to DI Mooney to unravel the problem and find out the truth. Now’s the time to own Death In Paradise season 7 DVD.

Call The Midwife Season 7

Period TV dramas are just so lovely. Not only will you see the fashion back in the day, you’ll also get to witness how people lived their lives, their reactions to certain issues at that time, as well the historical events that shaped the person of each character in the series. “Call The Midwife” continues to gather raves and critical reception, thanks to the compelling storyline and superb acting of the cast.

Things aren’t easy for the Poplar residents, given the bad winter. Nurse Valerie encounters a stillborn, but she is confronted with an expected occurrence. A history of abuse is discovered by Sister Julienne. And the Nonnatus faces a great challenge due to the fierce cold weather.

Gotham Season 3

A Batman spin-off is definitely most welcome. And yes, we want to get to know more about James Gordon. Isn’t it great that we get to have Gotham TV series expanding the Gotham City universe?

Gordon tracks down Indian Hill escapees, his role now a bounty hunter. He is also tasked by Jervis Tetch to find his sister, an Indian Hill escapee. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne encounters “Five,” his clone. A show of fighting skills ensues between the two, yet the doppelgänger later impersonates Bruce. Tetch soon goes on a killing spree. The question is, who will Gordon save?

Silent Witness Season 21

Another crime TV series is sure to perk up your day. This show is incredibly impressive since it has been on air since 1996, and it continues to rake in ratings. Let’s follow the professional lives of the forensic pathology team.

Nikki Alexander is haunted by what she experienced in Mexico, and she goes out to fellow pathologist Sally Vaughan for the latter’s support, only to find out that Sally goes missing and her house now a crime scene. Meanwhile, a case from 16 years ago is about to get unfolded after a corpse is found. Nikki begins to doubt David Cannon and begins to take blood sample.