That Sugar Film DVD

That Sugar Film DVD is now available to order on DVD and Blu Ray.

Oh, how we love the saccharine life! Sugar and sweetness have been in man’s vocabulary since time immemorial. The modern world offers us a wide variety of food that satisfies our need for anything sugary. We have ice cream, chocolates, lollies, cakes, and even coffee from our favourite boutique coffee shops. Oh and our lovely Aussie lamingtons. We acquire those sweet treats from supermarkets and stores, and we even receive them as gifts for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or our birthday. And oh, who does not love some sundae or a delectable strawberry trifle?

However, the medical community has warned the whole world of the adverse effects of consuming too much sugar. The incidence of diabetes and obesity have increased for years. There is an increasing incidence of cardiovascular disease and fatty liver disease too. But wait! Why would sugar lead to fatty liver disease and heart problems? Well, your doctor is your best friend to ask about the pathophysiology in simpler terms. With that said, most of the health problems that we encounter in modern times are because of bad food choices and unhealthy lifestyle.

So, what should we do? We should go back to eating healthy. Because we know that white sugar is a health villain, we can switch to a healthy alternative, right? We can just go to our favourite supermarket and grab a litre of low-fat yoghurt and some fruit juices, right? We can use some sugar alternative while baking some cake, right? While these choices might make it seem that we are changing gears, eating healthy, and living a healthy lifestyle, we are not aware that even these so-called “healthy” foods are slowly killing us.

So, what now? Are we going to just ditch the low-fat yoghurt and join the cows and feed on grass instead? Before we attempt drastic measures, here’s one movie that is a wake-up call that we need to heed.

Aussie actor Damon Gameau stars in this movie documentary “That Sugar Film.” This movie tackles Damon’s 60-day journey of eating what marketing professionals sell as “healthy” foods. Yeah sure, he eats healthy and exercises. In fact, he even abides by the usual Aussie standard of 40 teaspoons of sugar a day. Damon’s experiment shows us that sugar is lurking in almost 80 percent of the food at the supermarket shelves. He shows us that nearly everything that we ingest, especially processed ones, have sugar in them, even the “safe” ones. And in a colorful and technological fashion, he tours us inside his body, and lets us see how his body reacts to sugar in his diet. He shows us how the sugar roller coaster ride affects his affect, mood, mental concentration, and his girth measurement. And yeah, did you know he was even diagnosed with a fatty liver disease by his physician after the experiment?

That Sugar Film is a great DVD that everyone should watch, whether you choose to be healthy or not. And the best part is, you can have your own copy of That Sugar Film DVD only here from DVDLand. This amazing and mind-opening documentary will be released on the 27th of June of this year, so pre-order now so you can be the first in the block to get That Sugar Film DVD.

You get a better deal and more when you purchase this movie in DVD rather than streaming this online. That Sugar Film DVD is something that you can watch over and over again at the comfort of your lounge. It’s the perfect way to imbibe Damon Gameau’s experience. With this movie, you will be conscious of your food choices and learn to read food labels. Or, you may want to go back to eating healthy greens in salads and topping them with chewy nuts and some fresh and juicy berries instead of relying on muesli bars for lunch.

Eat right, get healthy, be informed! Pre-order That Sugar Film DVD today.