The Smurfs 2

The Smurfs are back!  For those of us that remember collecting the figurines as kids in the 80s, will appreciate that everything old is new again. After the success with the 2010 Smurfs movie the Smurfs are now back in Smurfs 2. The Smurfs however have been around longer than that. They first appeared in a Belgium comics magazine in 1958 and haven’t looked back since.  With simple characters and a simple good vs evil message delivered with smurfy humour, what’s not to like.

The Smurfs, who are only three apples high are lead by Papa Smurf (not to be confused with a blue Santa Claus in that outfit) and have a quirky language style. Smurfs substitute words in normal sentences with the word ‘smurf’, leaving the viewer’s imagination to create their own interpretation, like ‘what a smurfy day this is’. And who hasn’t used the classic ‘what the smurf’?

For those wanting to reminisce about the original 2D animated Smurfs cartoons can always pick up one of the many Smurf DVDs online. The original DVDs hold up over time for those who haven’t seen them since the 80s, and the kids will enjoy them for the first time.

Smurfs 2, like the first Smurfs movie, is an animation/reality production which will look great on 3D Blu Ray. Neil Patrick Harris, Hank Azaria, Jayma Mays and Katy Perry are back for Smurfs 2 along with a host of other great actors to bring the Smurfs to our screens again. This time the Smurfs adventure will see them in Paris, with the help of their human friends, in order to stop Gargamel the wizard his cat Azrael in one more of their evil Smurf catching schemes.

The release of The Smurfs 2 DVD, along with the enduring popularity of the Smurfs cartoons, will ensure that we will continue to see plenty of the Smurfs around, including the little plastic figurines we all loved as kids.  So don’t smurf around, catch the Smurfs 2 movie and enjoy your smurf with some smurfy fun! Have a smurfy day…

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