Wizard Of Oz 75th Anniversary

It’s a tale that never seems to get old, but despite that the iconic Wizard Of Oz is celebrating its 75th anniversary.  So long after the Wizard Of Oz premiered on the silver screen in 1939, its back on the big screen again for a limited time in selected cinemas, in amazing 3D.  But never fear, if you cannot make it to one of the limited screenings then you can buy the 3D Blu Ray online and own it for yourself.

The Wizard Of Oz DVD has entertained millions of people worldwide and holds an enduring place in the hearts of many as their favourite film. The simple story written in 1900 by L. Frank Baum was adapted into film by MGM and at the time it was their biggest budget film.  Whilst colour movies actually began in 1922, many films were still made in black and white.  The Wizard Of Oz was made in glorious technicolour, and used elaborate make up and special effects in order to tell Dorothy’s story when she finds herself in the magical land of Oz.  The simple innocence portrayed by Judy Garland as Dorothy, and the easily identifiable themes in the movie ensure that it has had a wide ranging appeal over many generations and remains a family favourite.

Now that the Wizard Of Oz is available on DVD, Blu Ray and now 3D Blu Ray, there is no one that cannot enjoy this wonderful movie over and over.  It has been remastered and made into 3D so you too can actually feel like you are a part of Dorothy’s adventure in Oz. To be able to watch this classic movie in 3D, a movie that was made in a time when the idea of a 3D TV would have not even been dreamt of is pretty mind blowing.

So grab yourself a 75th anniversary DVD online or the stunning 3D Blu Ray and sit back and enjoy the magic all over again.

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