Underbelly Squizzy

Underbelly returns to our TV sets next week with Underbelly Squizzy. This is the sixth season of the incredibly popular Underbelly series. It’s regarded as Australia’s best drama show for good reason. Whilst there are some overlaps with characters in some seasons, each are stand alone seasons providing a glimse into Australia’s Underbelly of crime. The acting in each season is just amazing, it’s Australia’s best work which is why the Underbelly DVD continues to be the most popular male gift year on year.

Underbelly Squizzy is set between 1915 and 1927 in Melbourne and follows the life and career of Squizzy Taylor. He was the most feared criminal in Melbourne during the time. This series has a little bit of inevitability to it as we saw how Squizzy dies in Underbelly Razor (an earlier Underbelly season) but I guess seeing he was a gangster in the first quarter of last century, we weren’t expecting him to be alive sipping lattes in Chapel Street were we?

As is a bit of a signature to the more recent Underbelly seasons, this cast, whilst excellent are a bunch of no-names. There are a few familiar faces scattered throughout the show like comedians Peter Moon and Greg Fleet but it’s clearly Jared Daperis who plays Squizzy that is the star of the show. Is he as good as some of the other leads, probably not. In this writer’s opinion, it would be near impossible to beat the performance of Matthew Newton in Underbelly Tale Of Two Cities, but Australian acting on the budget Aussie TV on DVD has, the acting and production is excellent.

Underbelly Squizzy is definately worth the time investment of 8 episodes either on channel 9 or on the Underbelly Squizzy DVD or Underbelly Squizzy Blu Ray. Let’s face it, it’s water cooler talk material and you don’t want to be the one saying Squizzy who…


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