NCIS DVDs still remains the most popular American made show TV on DVD. We’re up to season 10 of NCIS and season 4 of NCIS LA but the show is getting even more popular year on year. Most TV shows start to lose their momentum and popularity after a few seasons and yet NCIS continues to be so popular.

I think one of the big reasons for this is they found a formula that works and they stuck with it. They didn’t tinker around the edges with the format or style or actors (though the lead actress was dumped after season 1 only for her to find greater popularity in Rizzoli And Isles). They stuck with almost the same cast and style and didn’t try to get too clever with their storylines. Remember how CSI used to be one of the best shows on TV, then they were forced to change actors, got way too complicated story lines and then their viewing audience plummetted after around season 8. A little unfair in my opinion as it still is quality TV but when the audience jumps, I can’t remember a situation when they come back. Actually they did with Family Guy so I just disproved my theory.

Anyway, NCIS was originally a spin-off of the popular 1990’s show Jag. And then in turn after 6 seasons of NCIS came it’s spin-off NCIS LA which has gone off on it’s own tangent. The first season of NCIS LA was of a similar format to NCIS but has since grown into it’s own beast. It has become hugely popular. Largely due to it’s popular 2 main leading men of Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J. Personally, I’m still getting over LL Cool J being a serious actor but I guess if Ice T can do it successfully in Law & Order SVU for so long who am I to judge.

This month brings us the release of NCIS season 10 and NCIS LA season 4 which are no doubt set to be one of this Father’s Day most popular gifts for good reason. DVDs are always popular Father’s Day gift ideas, particularly New Release DVDs. But it does have tough competition with the likes of Underbelly Squizzy and Fast & Furious 6 but I think few Dad’s would be disappointed with either of those options really. But I guess it comes down to personal taste.

Will NCIS continue to gain in popularity? Well, there’s got to be an end to it some time. Whilst season 11 has already been agreed to, who knows where it will go from there. Maybe a couple more seasons will see NCIS out but there are at least a few more NCIS LA seasons yet to come and who knows, I bet there will be another spin-off coming. NCIS Miami anyone?

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