School holidays soon

School holidays are almost here again!  While we all wish that every day of school holidays is sunny and warm, the kids will play outside all day, tire themselves out and never complain about what’s for dinner; we know that reality is a little bit different.  It will rain, the kids will want you to entertain them (and then be horrified by your suggestion that a museum is a fun thing to do when it’s raining) and roll their eyes when you say ‘in my day a little bit of rain never hurt anybody’.  Answer?  Have a selection of DVDs or Blu Rays on hand that you can produce, like the proverbial rabbit from a hat, to keep them entertained for a few hours.  This magical trick will also put off the otherwise inevitable demand to drive them to the movies, which will also involve the outlay of cash, by you, to provide for popcorn, drinks, movie ticket and general hanging out at the mall costs.

So a small investment of your time stock up now and grab some DVDs online in preparation for school holidays could literally save you hours, not to mention your sanity.  By having a couple of Star Wars Clone Wars DVDs or the Twilight Movie Collection on hand or the latest Iron Man movie will allow you to have some much needed peace and quiet.  It’s never a bad idea to also have some family friendly Disney DVDs on hand as well for those times when your kids’ friends are over and you want to make sure that you don’t get in trouble from other parents by showing their kid the movie that they are not allowed to watch at home.

So get ready, stock up on DVDs, grab some popcorn and prepare yourself for two weeks of school holiday fun!!

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